Q: I am trying to play back (on my Kurzweil 2500) MIDI files Type 1 and Type 0. To do this, I am using the file GM_NOROM.K25 which I got from the Sweetwater Sound Arsenal CD-ROM. However, when I play these MIDI files, if I go into the Master Mode and transpose them, everything else will be fine except the drums, which still play, but erroneously. Would you please tell me what to do to solve the problem? Also, is the file from the Sound Arsenal CD-ROM the proper file to use for my purpose?

A: You are using the proper utility, however you need to either: (1) Transpose all the tracks except the drums or (2) Transpose all the track and then re-transpose the drums only back the other direction. When you transpose on a sequencer, you are changing the note values. Example: If you play C3 and then you transpose down 2 steps you will be plating Bb2; the drums play different sounds on different keys so when you transpose you get the wrong drum sounds.

Q: Does Adaptec Jam produce “Red Book Standard” CDs on Rewritable CDs? If it does, then they should be playable on any CD player, right? If this is so, there must be some setting or format I need to write the audio in for rewritables, because so far I can't listen to anything written on a rewritable CD.

A: The answer here is actually two fold. Yes, Jam can write audio to a rewritable CD, however, it will then only play back in a rewritable CD recorder! So you don't want to use rewritable CDs. You want to use regular CDRs if you want to listen to the disks in a consumer CD player.

Q: I just purchased a Alesis ADAT-LX20 , and I was trying to find out how to reset the machine by holding buttons down when I power up. I tried several combinations of buttons and now the machine is eating tapes!

A: Pressing LOCATE 0 during power on will default the service adjustments for the head and brakes. This will cause tape spilling and very high head errors or Error 7 to occur! Unfortunately, once this happens it must be sent to an authorized service center for recalibration. The correct reset for the LX20 is holding down the RECORD button when powering up.

Q: What do S/PDIF and T/DIF stand for?

A: S/PDIF is for Sony/Phillips Digital Interface. T/DIF is for the Tascam Digital Interface.

Q: Why do I get charged labor to have my digital tape machine cleaned and checked out when it is clearly under warranty?

A: The manufacturers warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship for the period as described in the warranty information. Cleaning and checking the operation is not considered a defect. This is considered general maintenance just as changing the oil in your car is. These are charges that the customer is responsible for. Also note that many manufacturer’s warranties do not cover labor charges on a piece of equipment when there is no problem is found. In such cases, the customer is responsible for all charges incurred.

Q: When I press a button on my Kurzweil K2500 (to load a file, for example), the screen will sometimes jump to an entirely different menu. Another example is when I am trying to play a sequence, the display will sometimes jump to an edit page without me pressing any front panel buttons. Is this something that requires sending the unit back to Sweetwater for service or can I fix it?

A: This sounds like you have a defective button on your Kurzweil. You can check this in the scanner diagnostics (press “4”, “5”, and “6” at the same time on your keypad and then lift your fingers right up) Your screen should be stuck on the defective button. The front panel is difficult to access - complete disembowment of the machine is required - so we do suggest getting the machine back to us for repair. We’ll get it done right and get the unit back to you as fast as possible.