In a world filled with digital keyboards, one instrument has pulled away from the pack. Not surprisingly, the keyboard is designed and built by Kawai, a company with over 70 years experience in building fine acoustic pianos. But now they’ve turned their attention to electronic keys, and the result is the Kawai MP9000 Professional Stage Piano ($2195 list). Kawai plainly sees this instrument as special, particularly since they have dubbed it “the finest digital piano available.” Part of the reason is the real piano feel. The MP9000 uses real wooden keys that are perfectly weighted and balanced to actually recreate the feeling of playing an acoustic piano. But that’s just part of the story, because it doesn’t matter how great a keyboard feels if it sounds like, well . . . cheese.

Thanks to Kawai’s new trademark Harmonic Imaging Technology, the MP9000 accurately reproduces all of the tonal characteristics and subtle shadings of the company’s much-acclaimed Kawai EX Concert Grand. From thunderous fff to the most delicate ppp - it’s all here. To further recreate the grand piano experience, the MP9000 also implements Kawai’s Virtual Voicing. In a real grand, skilled technicians can actually voice the instrument to a specific timbre. Virtual Voicing does this digitally, creating an enormously rich sonic palette of piano sounds.

But since this is a stage piano, you also get other vital sounds like Vintage EP, Modern EP, Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Clavinet, String Ensemble, Choir, Acoustic and Electric Bass - all the sounds you need for any gig. What’s more, any of the 16 internal sounds can be routed through the onboard reverb and effects or even the integral semi-parametric EQ. Thankfully, Kawai’s design team added a bright, backlit LCD panel that will help you keep track of all your current settings.

In addition to all that, the MP9000 pulls double duty as an outstanding MIDI Controller with two Internal Zones and two External MIDI Zones which can be used to create up to 64 Performance Patches. Each Zone actually provides all the resources you need to control a full MIDI rig on stage or in the studio. Of course you get pitch bend and mod wheels and an extensive array of pedal assignments and options, all of which are independent for each Zone. Four front panel knobs can even be assigned to any MIDI Continuous Controller. In addition to the standard 1/4-inch outs, the unit even has balanced XLR outputs for direct connection to a studio console or live sound system.

Alright, let’s put it all together. You have a superb weighted keyboard with real piano sound and feel. Add in reverb, effects and a semi-parametric EQ plus an awesome array of MIDI Control functions and you have a monster stage piano. To find out more, and to get your special low Sweetwater pricing, we suggest you call your Sales Engineer right now!