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dbx DDP

   Mention the dbx name and chances are most people will think "dynamics processors." That's not surprising, since the company has been producing some of the highest quality — and most affordable — compressors, gates, de-essers and limiters for decades. Now dbx introduces the ultra versatile new DDP at the astounding list price of just $599.95!

   The dbx DDP offers you the processing power of the very latest digital technology, along with the great sounds you know and want from the analog world. With digital (as we all know) you have more precise control and more extended parameters than you could ever have with analog processing. The DDP offers you a true stereo processor, coupled with dbx True RMS Power Summing, or two independent mono units, giving you the versatility and power of processors costing many times more (hey, we're not kidding here). Gating, compression (yes, with OverEasy, all-new VariKnee, or good ol' hard knee thresholds), limiting (PeakStop or Peak-StopPlus), de-essing and EQ (both in-path and sidechain) are available in the DDP in any order you want. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

   The LCD display shows you all the information you need to know, complete with a digital meter that will blow your socks off, featuring peak and average levels at the same time. The effects of your entire setup are displayed visually in the form of a graphical curve on the right side of the display, making it a snap to set up even the most challenging of systems. In fact, it works right out of the box, no Ph.D. required, with 50 great factory preset setups to help you get started. The DDP's operating system offers you the ability to refine and save presets to your liking then name and save them for later recall.

   Wide ranging gain controls allow for both +4 and -10 operation, without any effort on your part. The 8-step analog LED ladders show you exactly what is coming in and going out of the DDP (XLR and 1/4" balanced connectors are standard). Metering on the display shows the effects of the processing on the signal in real time. Audio performance is also top shelf, with ultra-wide range 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with dbx TYPE IV Conversion System featuring TSE (Tape Saturation Emulation) right on board. Digital input/output is also available as an option, giving you the ability to go all-digital.

   Want to know more? Pick up the phone and call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for complete details and (of course) your special pricing on the dbx DDP!

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