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Thank you for your interest in the Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer and DSP Factory. Because of our dealer agreements with Yamaha, we are not allowed to display information about this product. Please contact your Sweetwater Sound Sales Engineers for more information and purchasing information.

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Yamaha's Affordable Digital Mixer

   Seems hard to believe, but it was almost four years ago that Yamaha amazed the professional audio industry with the introduction of the ProMix 01, the first digital mixer providing pro quality sonic performance and memory of all settings at an unbelievable price. That was only the beginning. Answering market demand for application-specific mixers, Yamaha stunned the market again with the 02R and 03D digital mixers. Providing top-quality audio and a Yamaha 01V Digital Mixervery impressive list of features, these mixers have found their way into numerous high-level projects including the 1998 Grammy Award-winning James Taylor "Hourglass" CD.

   Now the company has just released the 24-channel 01V Digital Mixer at the landmark price of only $1999 (that's list, of course). As the successor to the ProMix 01, the 01V is a low- priced production powerhouse that will meet the needs of any professional digital audio applications well into the future. Wayne Hrabak, Marketing Manager of Yamaha's Pro Audio Group told us, "While the 01V retains all the popular ProMix 01 features, including snapshot storage, instant reset of all functions, motorized faders, on-board dynamics, parametric EQ and digital effects, it includes some significant advances to meet the needs of today's recording and production professionals. This mixer reflects our ability to bring great value to the market using our own DSP technology plus 10 years of digital mixer experience."

   VERSATILE ARCHITECTURE. The Yamaha 01V provides 24 full-featured channels, two stereo effect returns, six busses, six aux sends plus direct outputs on channels 1-16. It offers balanced connectors for all ins and outs, with parallel 1/4" and XLR inputs, mic preamps and 48-volt phantom power on channels 1-12. The primary input channels (1-16) each feature the same 4-band parametric EQ and limiter/compressor/gate found in the Yamaha 02R, plus a 250 ms delay line (300 ms of delay on analog outs). In addition, four analog OMNI-SEND outputs can be programmed to output any of the busses, aux 1-4 or channel direct outs.

   A new OPTION I/O card slot allows the installation of any of three new MINI digital I/O cards. These optional cards facilitate interface to all the popular 8-channel digital multitrack recorders, work stations and signal processing equipment in Alesis ADAT, TASCAM TDIF, or AES/EBU digital formats. The optional digital format I/O cards are available for just $299 list.

   EXPANDABLE AND USER-FRIENDLY. With the prevalence of affordable digital 8-track recorders, Yamaha recognized that the 01V needed to be fully expandable to accommodate more inputs. Using the new "01V Link" feature, solo systems and mix functions of two 01Vs can be seamlessly synchronized to create a single digital mixing system with 48 inputs and four stereo effect returns mixing to a common stereo bus.

   A host of user-friendly features have been included to make the unit easy to operate. Dedicated solo keys on each channel and front-panel controls for EQ and PAN provide immediate access to some of the mixer's most important functions. A new high density 320 x 80 backlit LCD display graphically depicts all mixer settings and automatically shows the current setting whenever a control is manipulated. Using the rear-panel RS422 TO-HOST connection or the MIDI connections, the 01V can interface directly with computers and function as a control surface for outboard devices such as the new Yamaha DS2416 digital mixing card, MIDI controllable products, and recorder transports, while retaining its functionality as a professional digital mixer.

Powered by the same 32-bit DSP, the 01V is sonically identical to the 02R. Additionally, two of the latest generation 32-bit Yamaha digital effect processors are installed to provide effect performance equivalent to that of the superb Yamaha ProR3 Reverb unit.

   SNAPSHOT AND DYNAMIC AUTOMATION CAPABILITY. The 01V can store and instantly recall all mixer settings in 99 snapshot memories, allowing the user to return at any time to a previous mix for modi-fications. Separate memory "libraries" are included for storage of EQ, dynamics, and effects settings. In addition to snapshot capability, any external MIDI sequencer can be used to record real-time movement of the 01V's motorized faders, EQ settings and other parameters, allowing automation of complete mixes.


   The Yamaha DS2416, also known as the DSP Factory (ship date this summer) transforms a standard PC into a professional digital multitrack recording and mixing system at the astonishingly
Incredible, but true! Add the power of Yamaha's 02R digital mixer to your computer (plus digital recording) with the DS2416
Incredible, but true! Add the power of Yamaha's 02R digital mixer to your computer (plus digital recording) with the DS2416
low price of just $999. The DS2416 actually offers the full mixing power of Yamaha's awe-some O2R digital mixer, complete with 24 channels of digital mixing, on-board digital effects and dynamics processors and much more, plus 16 tracks of hard disk recording with up to 32-bit resolution.

   Unlike many other audio cards, the DS2416 relies on its own processing power and not the computer's CPU, which makes all functions of the card available simultaneously to provide a level of flexibility and performance previously not possible. A built-in audio-streaming engine provides 16 tracks of recording/playback of 32-bit audio to and from the computer's disk drive. The first release of the DS2416 supports the Windows 95 platform. Installed in the PCI card slot, the DS2416 is controlled using any software from the world's leading developers of MIDI and hard disk recording applications. This lets you either stay with the software you're already familiar with, or select one which best suits your needs.

   The DS2416 is the most convenient and affordable way for musicians, sound designers and audio production professionals to add non-linear recording, with its inherent creative advantages in editing and instant access to audio data to their existing systems. It's ideal for the musician already using a PC for sequencing of MIDI instruments, as well as for anyone looking to augment or replace a tape-based recording system. Stereo digital and 20-bit analog inputs and outputs allow you to record and mix to a wide range of digital and analog two-channel audio devices. DS2416 cards can be linked to create a larger system, with expansion cards separately available which permit multiple-channel digital and analog input and output options. The card includes two effect processors equal in quality to the company's REV500 plus 26 dynamics processors. All features are available all the time.

   For more information about the Yamaha 01V and DSP Factory (and all the other amazing Yamaha products), plus your special low pricing, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer immediately. He or she will be glad to tell you much more about these amazing products and how they can integrate with the existing equipment in your studio to provide a complete digital audio recording environment that just a few years ago would have cost you many thousands of dollars more.

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