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Alesis QS6.1
by Daniel Fisher, Director of Soundware Engineering

   Back in the mid to late 80's, when I was a Synth major at Berklee College, I used to hang around the local music stores and lust after all the new amazing gear. For me, the most exciting products were the ones that were actually affordable like the original Alesis MidiVerb with its unbelievable low cost that seemed impossible considering the features it offered.

Alesis QS6.1 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer

   Throughout the years Alesis has continued to stun musicians with each new product release, bringing previously unattainable technology to the masses and always with a jaw dropping price. Now get ready for the Alesis QS6.1 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer. This 61-note keyboard, which is a heavily updated version of the QS6, still weighs only 19 pounds but now features the following improvements: 16 megs of uncompressed 16-bit linear, 48kHz Sample ROM (up from 8 megs) which adds the critically acclaimed Stereo Bosendorfer Grand Piano and also includes all the Alesis DM5 Drums along with the LA Philharmonic Strings and Brass as well as Keith Emerson's Modular Moog and Hammond Organ samples. Wow!

   The QS6.1 is fully expandable to up to 32 megabytes via two PCMCIA-format ports (up from the QS6's single port) which let you immediately access an additional 16MB of sound ROM without installing complicated circuit boards or waiting for disk drives. You can use this port with any of the tasty Alesis QCards that accommodates your musical style, whether you're into classical, hip-hop, pop, rock, orchestral music or otherwise.

   Also new are enhanced GM programming, four Edit/Control Sliders (up from just one slider in the QS6) which can be assigned to any parameter. Two new front panel buttons (Transpose and Sequence Start) make live performance even easier. It even has a faster Serial Port which can now transfer data at up to 15k Baud (up to four times as fast as a MIDI interface!), so you can access either Macintosh or PC platforms to get into sequencing, notation, sample importing and downloading, editor/librarians and multimedia authoring.

   A new brighter and bigger display allows for easy visibility in any situation, there's an internal power supply now (no more wall wart!) and the latest Fatar-built 61-note keyboard gives you the best feeling synth keyboard on the market. The QS6.1 also provides a huge selection of 640 Programs and 500 multitimbral Mixes. If you want to use your own samples or sounds from other sample libraries, the QS6.1 includes Sound Bridge software that lets you import, save and playback AIFF, WAV and other sample formats.

   Knowing Alesis, you might expect that they added all these great features for only a couple hundred dollars more than the original QS6. But are you ready for this? They've actually reduced the price by $100!! The new list price for the QS6.1 is now only $999. But how does the QS6.1 sound? Well, I'm a bit biased, seeing as how Alesis flew me to California for a while to be part of their QS Programming Team, but I know you will be knocked out by how much professional sound can come from this lightweight and astoundingly priced marvel of engineering.

   If the QS 6.1 sounds like a great addition to your personal setup, I suggest you call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today for more information and special pricing on the 6.1 and the entire line of exceptional Alesis QS Series synths.

Accurate pricing and availability of products shown here in Sweet Notes may fluctuate. Products may be discontinued or newer versions may be available. While we do try to keep this information accurate, please contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for current information.

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