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Q.What's a direct box? Someone said I need one in my studio and I didn't want to appear dumb, but I don't know what it does.
A.With special thanks to the Sweetwater Web site guys, here is the official "Word Of The Day" definition. Direct Box: Often abbreviated DI (for direct insertion), a device commonly used to convert high impedance, unbalanced signals from a stage instrument (like a guitar, bass or keyboard) into low impedance balanced signals. This puts the signal at the proper voltage level for the mixer and prevents the instrument from becoming loaded down (with too low an impedance), which could cause tonal shifts and distortion. It also allows the signal to be transmitted over long lengths of cable. DIs are always used in live sound to get a signal from an instrument on stage out to the mixing board, which can be as much as 500 feet away. A simple direct box consists only of a small transformer, but more sophisticated designs employ electronic gain stages that resemble the input section of a modern instrument amp. They may also have some combination of ground lift switches, EQ switches, level matching switches, isolated line outputs, and more.

Q.Can I use any CD-ROM drive with my K2000 or do I need a certain brand? I see that they're really cheap in some of the big computer catalogs, but I don't want to waste time sending it back if it won't work.
A.We have found that most SCSI CD-ROM drives do work with the K2000. However, with the huge number of drives out there we have only been able to test a random sampling. We did find that most NEC drives and most all brands of CD recorders do not work with the K2000 and the Kurzweil does not work with any IDE CD-ROMs. You want to make sure you have the most current OS (3.54) installed in your K2000 as it greatly expands the number of CD-ROM drives that work with it. Here at Sweetwater, we carry several very affordable drives from 4x to 24x speeds that are guaranteed to work with the Kurzweil.

Q.Is there any way to connect more than six external SCSI devices to a Mac? I have the Mac at one end and my Roland sampler at the other, but I also have a scanner, two external hard drives, an internal hard drive, a CD-ROM drive and a Zip drive. I'd also like to add a tape back-up system and I don't want to keep swapping out cables. Help!
A.There are a couple of solutions to add more than seven SCSI devices to your Mac. Your best bet is to install an additional SCSI bus to your Mac via a third party PCI card. These cards give you at least seven more SCSI IDs. An additional benefit is that they are usually even faster at sending and receiving data than the internal Mac bus. The other solution is a SCSI switcher box, but here you normally have to power cycle the computer to change which devices are active.

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