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Zoom Teams with Street Kangz for SB-246 Street Box

Hey, a drum machine is a drum machine, right? Well, usually, but in this case, Zoom has created a beat box that’s definitely not “one size fits all.” In fact, the Zoom SB-246 Street Box, which was developed in collaboration with hot Nashville-based producers, Beat Kangz, is a dedicated hip-hop rhythm machine with a slim, compact design, 529 hip-hop sounds, studio-quality effects, and a built-in sequencer with looping capabilities. Along with a wide array of percussion and rhythm sounds, there are also 24 fat bass sounds, synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and even special effects, all of which were clearly created with hip-hop in mind.

There are East Coast, West Coast, Old School, and plenty of other styles in various categories that make up the 80 “kits.” Each kit features a layout on 13 drum pads with built-in touch sensors. All 210 preset patterns on the SB-246 have been programmed by Beat Kangz. Masters of both current and classic styles, these guys have created intros, fills, endings, and other pattern variations that can be combined to create tracks that are ready to record or perform live.

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