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Zoom’s H2 Handy Recorder Arrives

While much of the excitement lately has focused on reissue and tribute guitars, along with recreations of vintage tube gear, a little $199.97 recorder has taken the audio world by storm! It’s the Zoom H2, a compact handheld recorder with four internal mic capsules and the ability to record a full 360 degrees of 4-channel audio onto a tiny SD data card. This is particularly useful if you’re ultimately going to need an ambient surround sound mix for a 5.1 project. But while it’s small, the H2 doesn’t skimp on important features, like multiple polar patterns, a stereo width control, USB connectivity, a phones/line output, external mic input, and even a backlit display. Yet all that wouldn’t mean a thing if the H2 weren’t ready for all future recording needs with the ability to record at up to a 96kHz sample rate. Naturally, it also can produce 48kHz and CD-quality 44.1kHz recordings along with MP3 up to a 320kbps variable bit rate. With all this going for it, the Zoom H2 will be a best seller, guaranteed! The best news? We have just received our first shipment of these little wonders!

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