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The Yamaha 01X and MOTU’s Digital Performer.

Q: “Can I use my Yamaha 01X with DP4, both as an audio interface and control surface?”

A: Yes! In fact, the 01X also works as a control surface for Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, SONAR and most other applications that support Mackie Control mode. It just requires a little setup effort utilizing the 01X itself, the mLAN Auto Connector application that came with it, Mac OS X Audio MIDI Setup (which you can access from within DP4) and the Control Surface Setup from DP4’s Setup menu. Here’s the process:

  1. Attach the 01X interface to your computer, and then launch mLAN Auto Connector.
  2. Under the Device menu, “connect” the 01X by clicking and dragging.
  3. At this time it’s wise to open the Preferences menu to note the sample rate. It defaults to 48kHz but can function at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz. If you change this setting you need to remember to change it in Audio MIDI Setup as well should you want to use the interface for another application such as iTunes.
  4. On the 01X itself, open the Utility menu and change the clock source to AUTO-CLOCK.
  5. To use the Control Surface capability with DP4, under the 01X’s Utility menu press the Remote knob and select Digital Performer as your Remote.
  6. Now you need to launch Audio MIDI Setup to create a device to connect to the 01X. Choosing an 01V works fine.
  7. In DP4’s Setup menu, open Control Surface Setup and select Mackie Control.

Remember that the audio outputs you are using in DP4 (e.g. mLAN Stream 1-2) need to have their faders raised on the 01X as well.

Yamaha offers plenty of support for the 01X and mLAN devices online, and MOTU recommends consulting these forums if you experience problems with this interface and DP. A good starting point is www.01XRay.com.

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