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X2 Digital Wireless Announces New Products for 2008

Sacramento-based X2 Digital Wireless, Inc. has officially announced the new XDS-PLUS System, which combines the portability of a stompbox device with the advanced sonic and RF performance of the company’s XDR95 rackmount system by putting the receiver in a rugged metal stompbox chassis. The system features X2’s proprietary companderless digital format and new dual-diversity (anti-jamming) technology for the sound and feel of a direct wire connection with extended operating range and frequency response even in harsh conditions that include RF interference on your channel. Guitarists and bass players enjoy an additional benefit, as the system provides unity gain from the source to the receiver output, which means they can use their standard amp settings and achieve the overdrive or tonal effects they are used to.

The company is also set to release its revolutionary XDR-955 handheld digital wireless mic, the first-ever to utilize analog-to-digital conversion and proprietary dual digital RF transmission technology to faithfully and reliably reproduce every nuance of a vocal performance with a superior sonic clarity that surpasses even the most expensive analog devices. The system only recognizes correct digital data and disregards all other sources of interference. Both products are expected to ship in February.

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