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Winter NAMM Report Part 4 of 5

Roland DM-10 & DM-20 Digital Stereo Micro Monitors

The DM-10 and DM-20 Digital Stereo Micro Monitors bring 24-bit/96kHz digital monitoring to a super-affordable price and ultra-compact size. The DM-10 speakers each feature 10 watts per channel, while the DM-20’s independent transformers and power amps crank out 20 watts per side. Both models are perfect for use with Roland/BOSS digital studios and instruments, computer-based setups and more.

DM-10 Features:

  • Stereo micro monitors with 24-bit/96kHz digital inputs (coaxial and optical)

  • Powered 2-way bass reflex enclosure with 20 watts (10+10 watts per side) of power

  • Magnetically shielded black wooden cabinet

  • 2 separate line inputs for mixing 2 sources with separate volume controls

  • Choice of digital or analog (stereo miniature and RCA) inputs

DM-20 Features:

  • Stereo micro monitors with 24-bit/96kHz digital inputs (coaxial and optical)

  • Powered 2-way bass reflex enclosure with 40 watts (20+20 watts per side) of power

  • Magnetically shielded black wooden cabinet

  • Independent transformers and power amps for each speaker cabinet

  • 2 separate line inputs for mixing 2 sources with separate volume controls

  • Choice of digital or analog (1/4-inch and RCA) inputs

Roland DM-2100 2.1-ch Speaker System

The DM-2100 2.1-ch Speaker System is an affordable way to add accurate reference monitoring with a subwoofer for enhanced bass response. The left and right speakers each offer 15 watts of power, while the 50-watt subwoofer provides a powerful low-end boost. And with 24-bit/96kHz digital inputs, the DM-2100 is perfect for use with Roland/BOSS digital studios and instruments, or with computer systems and more.


  • Affordable 2.1-channel monitor system with 24-bit/96kHz digital inputs

  • Powered bass reflex speakers with 15 watts per side

  • Active subwoofer with 50-watt amplifier for increased low end

  • 2 separate line inputs for mixing 2 sources with separate volume controls

  • Coaxial and optical digital inputs, plus analog inputs (RCA and 1/4-inch type)

  • Sleek black wooden cabinets with magnetic shielding

Roland Fantom-X Keyboard Workstation

As perhaps the world’s first keyboard “Giga-Workstation” Roland’s brand new Fantom-X line offers musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded and 128 voices of polophony! The synthesis section’s new waves include a gorgeous 88-key split stereo-sampled piano, plus room for 4 SRX expansion cards! The sampler can be upgraded to over 500 MB of RAM, which provides enough recording time to use it much like a digital recorder. The Fantom-X is also one of the first lines of professional workstations with a color LCD screen – and it looks amazing too. Between these features and the sleek new look, the Fantom-X is poised to become the next big thing in keyboard workstations!


  • 128-voice workstations with 61-key, 76-key and 88-key (Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard) models available.

  • Seamless integration of audio and MIDI using new ROM waves and sampling with realtime timestretch capabilities.

  • 128MB wave ROM includes quality focused sounds like new stereo piano voice.

  • 32MB sample RAM expandable to 544MB with optional DIMMs

  • New color LCD screen

  • Skip Back Sampling, Dynamic Pad Bank and V-LINK

  • 3 MFX processors plus dedicated reverb, chorus and mastering processor

  • USB port for MIDI, WAV/AIFF file exchange and 4 x SRX expansion

  • PC card slot for backing up samples and data

  • 4 line outputs (2 stereo, 4 mono), stereo line input and 24-bit S/PDIF I/O

Roland Fantom-XR Sound Module/Sampler

The Fantom-XR brings powerful sampling and synthesis to a convenient 1U rack module – something every musician can enjoy! With room for over 1GB of sounds, this affordable module sets a new standard for expandability. Will all of us take advantage of all that space under the hood? Probably not, but it sure is great knowing it’s there should you need it. The 128MB internal wave ROM includes expressive new patches like the stereo piano also found in the Fantom-X workstations, plus room for six (!) SRX expansions. Full-blown user sampling is also supported along with WAV/AIFF compatibility for loading samples via USB. The Fantom-XR delivers delicious new sounds, overwhelming expandability, sampling and more in one rack space.


  • 1U rackmount synth/sampler with capacity for over 1GB of sounds

  • 128-voice polyphony and expressive 4-tone stereo multiplex synthesis

  • Flexible user sampling with WAV/AIFF compatibility

  • 128MB wav ROM expandable to 512MB via six optional SRX slots

  • 16MB sample RAM expandable to 528MB

  • 3 MFX processors plus separate reverb, chorus and mastering effects

  • USB port

  • PC card storage port

  • 2 stereo (4 mono) analog outputs, stereo analog input, S/PDIF digital I/O

Roland SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble

With more expansion available on their new line of Fantom-X workstations, Roland is already delivering new sounds with the new SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble expansion board. It includes a superb collection of brass sounds suited perfectly for pop music, film scoring, classical and more. Thanks to the work of many talented studio enginners, each of the SRX-10’s patches captures the true articulations and feel of traditional brass instruments and ensembles – including realistic falls – allowing composers to arrange brass parts with startling realism. Combined with previous SRX expansions, like the SRX-04 Symphonique Strings, you have the makings of some very impressive sounds!

Roland VC-1 “D-50 for V-Synth” V-Card

Roland’s new V-Cards are a series of PC cards capable of turning the V-Synth into a variety of retro and future oriented synths! Wow – very cool. The first card is the VC-1, which magically transforms the V-Synth into Roland’s legendary D-50 L/A synthesizer. Simply pop in the card, power up and you’ll be taken back to the year 1987, when Roland’s D-50 ruled supreme. Relive the D-50 in all its glory – including the full programming and all the original patches like, “Digital Native Dance,” Living Calliope” and more (if you played or owned a D-50, you know what we mean). Every circuit and presice detail of this legendary synthesizer is said to be faithfully modeled. It doesn’t just sound like a D-50, it is a D-50! Look for more V-Cards from Roland in the future.

Roland FP-2 Digital Piano

The FP-2 from Roland answers the need for a lightweight and compact digital piano while keeping the feel of a fine concert grand! This affordable instrument comes with an 88-key Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard, superb piano and instrument sounds and a refined new look with onboard speakers. A new Sound Control function gives players deeper, richer piano tones, while the onboard Session Partner provides easy auto-accompaniment. Great looks and even better performance spells out the goods for Roland’s new FP-2!


  • Compact, lightweight digital piano with stylish black and silver design

  • 88-key Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard for dynamic playing

  • 64-Voice sound engine with expressive new pianos

  • Sound Control function with 4-band EQ

  • Session Partner provides backing accompaniment in 80 music styles.


Roland F-50 Digital Piano

The F-50 Digital Piano brings stylish looks and professional sound together in an affordable instrument that is ideal for homes everywhere! With its light wood grain exterior, sleek lines and clear acrylic music stand, this beautiful instrument makes a statement wherever it’s placed. To play the F-50 is just as great, thanks to superb Roland piano sounds and an 88-key Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard.


  • Compact digital piano with 64 voices and stylish light wood grain finish

  • Expressive Progressive Hammer Action keyboard with adjustable key touch

  • Rich, dynamic sounds and realistic touch create the feel of a full concert grand

  • 20 onboard sounds designed to cover a range of musical styles and pieces

  • Includes 65 demo songs for listening enjoyment and learning

  • Built-In song recorder facilitates more effective practicing and lessons

Roland EXR-5 & EXR-3

Roland’s new EXR Interactive Arrangers raise the bar for entry-level keyboards! Both the EXR-5 and the EXR-3 sport the latest high quality sounds, 64-voice polyphony and over 100 music styles with Roland’s unique “Cover” function for real-time orchestration. The powerful onboard speaker system delivers rich sound while USB and V-LINK capabilities extend the creative possibilities for beginners and pros alike.


  • 61-Key interactive arrangers with great sounds, styles and features

  • 510 tones and 20 drum kits

  • Over 100 music styles

  • Superior speaker system with Bass Reflex on the EXR-5 and Digital Bass Enhancer on both.

  • 16-Track sequencer for playing back SMF or composing new songs

  • USB on both, plus floppy drive on EXR-5

  • Flash memory supports updating styles and songs

Roland VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

Perhaps one of the coolest and most necessary moves we viewed here at the show was the introduction of plug-ins for Roland’s VS series recorders. Yes, you read that right – plug-ins. The VS8F-3 board is an easy and affordable way to add powerful plug-ins processing to your V-Studio. Each board is capable of loading two high-quality plug-ins from Roland and 3rd party developers. To get you started, there are five Roland plugs included, with several top plug-in names ready to get you going as well. From what we’ve seen, this is going to add serious power and versatility to Roland’s line of dedicated multitrack recorders – once again leading the pack! Compatibility is immediate for the VS-2480, VS-2400 and the new VS-2000. Software updates for the VS-1680, VS-1880 and VS-1824 are planned for April, giving plug-in processing power to new and previous VS studios everywhere! Just a few of the optional plug-ins coming soon include: Antares Auto-Tune, IK Multimedia T-Rack Standalone, Massenburg DesignWorks Resolution EQ, Universal Audio LA2A and 1176LN!

Roland VS-2000CD Digital Studio Workstation

The new VS-2000CD sets a new benchmark for affordable, high-quality, feature-driven digital recording. With 20-tracks, 8 XLR inputs and support for 3rd party plug-ins via the new VS8F-3 board, this next generation V-Studio gives users the power to create like never before, for less! What’s more, Roland will make available (later in the year) an optional VS20-VGA with Version 2.0 software allowing you to run your sessions with mouse and monitor for maximum control! A 40GB hard drive, CD-RW and USB 2.0 port come standard.

The VS-2000CD offers 16- and 24-bit recording with 320 Virtual Tracks and a 40-channel digital mixer. Eight XLR/TRS combo jacks means you’ll always have the I/O you need and they’ve added Hi-Z for you guitar players! 17 faders, dedicated Channel Edit knobs and four knobs for controlling the dynamics and 4-band EQ for any input or track make mixing a snap. Something new is the Harmony Sequence function, letting vocalists add instant harmonies to their vocal tracks. Plus, USB 2.0 means you can transfer data between the VS-2000CD and your computer easier than ever before. The cherry on top is the ability to add 3rd party plug-ins with the optional VS8F-3 board, making the VS-2000CD one of the best overall music and audio production devices available!


  • 20-track digital studio with 40GB hard drive, CD-RW and optional Plug-In support.

  • Up to 18 playback tracks

  • Support for 16- and 24-track recording

  • 8 balanced XLR/TRS combo jacks with phantom power

  • 40-channel digital mixer with channel dynamics and 4-band EQ, onboard effects and mastering tools

  • New Harmony Sequence adds realistic harmonies to vocals

  • 3rd party plug-in support

  • Tracks 17 and 18 double as stereo rhythm track with onboard drum sounds

  • Support for mouse-based graphic editing and VGA monitor with VS20-VGA

  • USB 2.0 for hi-speed data transfer

Roland VS-2480DVD Digital Studio Workstation

The VS-2480DVD takes Roland’s best-selling 24-track workstation and makes it even better with the addition of a DVD multi-drive for storing up to 4.7GB of data – this is great for archiving an album’s worth of songs and of course, CD-R and CD-RW discs can also be used for normal CD burning. Naturally, the VS-2480DVD has all the great features of the original – including 64-track digital mixing, motorized faders and VGA monitor support. It’s also compatible with the new VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board, opening up a world of plug-in effects.


  • Flagship 24-track digital studio workstation with internal DVD multi-drive

  • Store up to 4.7GB of project data on a single DVD-R or DVD-RW disc!

  • New 3rd party plug-in support via optional VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

Roland V-Compact Series: TD-3Kit

The V-Compact Series TD-3S is the fastest and most affordable way to get into a real V-Drums set. This expandable kit includes Roland’s new TD-3 Percussion Sound Module with high-quality sounds and unbelievable expressiveness, new dual-trigger pads and cymbals, plus an upright kick trigger, onboard rhythm training exercises and more-giving you natural playing feel at a great price. This is going to be the home studio, or beginning gigging drummer’s dream come true!

The TD-3 Percussion Sound Module boasts 114 new, high-quality drum and percussion sounds arranged into 32 kits, plus an easy-to-use interface so you can start playing right away. Finding the right drum kit is simple: just use the Phrase Preview function to hear a short demo for each kit.


  • Roland’s most affordable V-Drums set based on new TD-3 Percussion Sound Module, plus new pads, cymbals, kick trigger and hi-hat controller

  • TD-3 includes 114 new and high-quality sounds, 32 drum kits and onboard Ambience and compression effects

  • Enhanced Rhythm Coach function with helpful rhythm training exercises

  • Phrase Preview function makes auditioning and selecting drum kits easy

  • 4 x PD-8 rubber pads; supports separate head/rim triggering on snare and bow/edge triggering on hi-hat

  • 2 x CY-8 dual-trigger Cymbal Pads with “swinging” motion including cymbal “chokes”

  • 1 x KD-8 Kick Trigger with vertical design for natural feel and reduced tremble; double bass pedal compatible

  • 1 x FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller allows smooth hi-hat sounds from open to closed

  • Optional MDS-3C stand with matching black finish

Roland V-Tour Series: TD-6S

The V-Tour Series TD-6S takes one of Roland’s most popular V-Drums kits and makes it even better-thanks to a mesh snare pad, new gum rubber pads with dual-trigger capabilities, an improved vertical kick trigger and more. The easy-to-use sound module sports a sleek black look with a blue LCD and brand new kits and patterns-all at a great price.

The first thing you’ll notice about the TD-6V Percussion Sound Module is the new black look and cool blue LCD screen. Like the original, this 64-voice module serves up 1,024 of Roland’s best drum and percussion sounds and 262 backing instruments-but with newly created drum kits and patterns in the latest music styles.


  • Affordable V-Drums set based on updated TD-6V Percussion Sound Module, mesh pad for snare drum, new rubber pads and cymbals, a new vertical kick trigger and new hi-hat controller

  • TD-6V offers 1,024 drum and percussion sounds with all-new kits and backing patterns

  • 1 x PD-80R mesh V-Pad™ for snare drum; supports separate head/rim triggering

  • 4 x PD-8 dual-trigger rubber pads for playing rim shots on toms and bow/edge sounds on hi-hat

  • 2 x CY-8 Cymbal Pads with “swinging” motion including realistic cymbal “chokes”

  • 1 x KD-8 Kick Trigger with vertical design for natural feel and reduced tremble; double bass pedal compatible

  • 1 x FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller allows for smooth hi-hat sounds from open to closed

  • Optional MDS-3C stand with matching black finish

Roland V-Pro Series: TD-20S-BK

With the V-Pro Series TD-20S-BK, Roland improves upon the industry-standard V-Drums by starting from the ground up. At the heart of this flagship set is the TD-20 module with new sounds and functions, superb expressiveness and in-depth V-Editing. The patented mesh pads now feature great dynamic range and natural rim shot triggering, along with a new look and stunning black finish. The TD-20S-BK also features Roland’s amazing new V-Hi-Hat and a new drum stand designed to hide the cabling. With this powerful new combination of pads and hardware, the V-Pro Series TD-20S-BK lets drummers express themselves more naturally and with more realism than ever before!

Without a doubt, the new TD-20 is Roland’s best percussion sound module ever, offering the ultimate sonic quality, over 500 new sounds, plus superb expressiveness and dynamic range when used with the new PD-125BK/105BK V-Pads and VH-12 V-Hi-Hat.

Woah! That’s what you’ll say once you try the new full motion VH-12 V-Hi-Hat. This breakthrough electronic hi-hat is designed to precisely model the look and feel of its acoustic counterpart… so much so, that it mounts on any acoustic hi-hat stand! The new V-Hi-Hat uses top and bottom cymbals with full motion capability for ultra-natural stick/pedal work, and is designed to work with the enhanced dynamics of the TD-20.


  • Flagship V-Drums kit with new TD-20 sound module, improved mesh-head V-Pads highly acclaimed V-Cymbals and innovative new V-Hi-Hat for complete playability

  • TD-20 Percussion Sound Module with over 500 new sounds, improved dynamics and sensitivity, plus CompactFlash storage

  • 15 dual-trigger inputs, 10 audio outputs and digital output, 8 group faders and built-in sequencer, Mastering Room and more

  • All-new V-Editing includes modeled snare buzz, kick beater selection, and greater cymbal customizing (i.e. size, “sizzle,” mic positions)

  • New PD-125BK (12″) and PD-105BK (10″) dual-trigger V-Pads feature better dynamic response, more even and accurate head/rim triggering and rim shot capability on toms

  • New VH-12 V-Hi-Hat with two cymbals for full motion capability and natural feel

  • Ergonomically designed MDS-20BK V-Drums Stand (sold separately) with more durable hardware, sleek raked design, easier vertical adjustment and ability to hide cables

  • Expansion slot for future upgrades and enhancements

Roland GR-20: Guitar Synthesizer

Ever wanted to thicken up your guitar sound with a warm synth pad? Or how about a screaming lead sound that puts you in front? The GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer makes playing high-quality synthesizer and instrument sounds from your guitar as simple as 1-2-3. First, attach the included GK-3 Divided Pickup to your steel-stringed electric (no drilling necessary). Second, select the type of sound you want using the Bank knob. Third, choose a sound variation using the Number/Value dial and start playing. With the GR-20, it’s easy to tap into the power of guitar synthesis.

At the heart of the GR-20 is an advanced sound engine based on Roland’s professional synthesizers. Sounds can be played with up to 48-voice polyphony for full, rich-sounding Patches. And the sounds are equally impressive. From expressive string ensembles to spiritual tabla loops coupled with sitar-all with adjustable attack and release-there’s no limit to what you can do. Sophisticated DSP makes the GR-20’s pitch detection ultra-reliable, so you can strum with confidence.

Roland Micro Cube: Guitar Amplifier

With the new Micro Cube, guitarists get a genuine Roland Cube amp in an ultra-compact package that even runs on batteries. Weighing in at just a few pounds, the Micro Cube packs a big punch and comes with six DSP effects, COSM Amp Modeling and a new Digital Tuning Fork-giving guitarists everything they need for killer tone on the go. The Micro Cube proves that it’s very hip to be square – and small! Looking for the sound of Roland’s JC-120 Jazz Chorus or your favorite British combo amp? You’ll find those and more in the Micro Cube, thanks to seven COSM amp models. Roland’s COSM technology is the only modeling method that captures every nuance of the original amps-from the preamp and circuits to the speaker. All you need is the Micro Cube for perfect tone.

Samson D-Class Live Processers

The D-Class line-up consists of three units, the D-1500 Real Time Analyzer, D-2500 Graphic Equalizer, and the D-3500 Feedback Management System. All feature 24-bit audio resolution and sample rates up to 96kHz, and all three are linkable so they can communicate with each other seamlessly using Samson’s own D-Net protocol.

The D-3500 Feedback Management System features Automatic Frequency Restoration (AFR) technology. If feedback spikes on any of the 30 filters, the frequency is cut. But even better, AFR continues to monitor that frequency. If the feedback goes away, the frequency is restored. The D-3500 is also a fully programmable digital parametric EQ. It features 30 parametric filters configurable in 2 stereo channels of 15 filters each, or one mono channel of 30 filters. It has programmable delay, high and low pass filters, noise gate, limiter, enhancer, and feedback suppression filter settings of parametric, automatic or resonance. All algorithms are accurate to 1/60 octave, all settings are all capable of being saved in memory to one of 100 user locations.

The beauty of the D-2500 Graphic Equalizer is that it has 31 bands of real hands-on faders. The unit has a stereo master gain control with fader, as well as programmable delay, high and low pass filters, noise gate, limiter, and enhancer. The unit features a filter frequency response that is selectable from either a common analog EQ setting or a setting that responds as close as possible to the analog fader position. Another key feature is feedback suppression. It can be set to automatic, or you can have the unit suggest which fader you should pull down manually, so there is no chance of loosing a specific frequency, unlike other feedback “destroying” units. Again all settings and parameters are able to be stored in 100 user preset locations.

If you don’t know what kind of acoustic environment you are dealing with, even the best equipment can provide sound lacking in detail and presence. That’s where the D-1500 Real Time Analyzer comes in. With 31-bands of EQ correction, what would once take you hours to do can now be performed in minutes, giving your audio output a true sonically flat frequency response. This process is simplified with the D-1500 thanks to its large LED display for easy readability, phase correlation meter, VU meter, a signal generator with the options of sine, white, and pink noise, and a test microphone input that works with most popular test measurement microphones such as Samson’s MM01.

Each of the D-class units can be used as independent devices, but they were designed to be a complete audio solution using Samson’s D-Net communication protocol. D-class features full MIDI implementation for all three units using standard MIDI jacks or D-Net XLR jacks for a device-to-device link, or hook up to a personal computer. When linking the units you see the full power of D-class, as the D-1500 RTA will display its fader positions on the D-2500 Graphic EQ, as well as the frequency response settings of the D-3500 Parametric, and vise versa, again giving you the power of digital processing with a unique analog feel.

Samson MDR624 Mixer

The MDR624 features a total of six channels, two Mic/Line channels, plus two stereo channels with mic pre’s, in a flexible design making it ideal for live sound recording and post production. Other features include a 2-track to mix level control, allowing you to mix in an auxiliary source like a CD or Mini Disc with the channel faders, three band channel equalization, an auxiliary send for external effects, monitor or headphone mix, and a five segment LED meter with VU markings on the main mix output.

As with all of Samson’s MDR mixers they feature advanced circuit design using discrete components and high quality, low noise op-amps, carefully selected at each stage of the signal path, and come with many of the top features necessary to ensure reliable performance from one venue, or session to the next.

Samson XM Powered Mixers

Samson’s new XM910 and XM610 powered mixers, combine mixer, effects, equalization and amplifier power into a compact and portable-yet extremely powerful system, perfect for any professional live sound application.

The XM910 has the complete package with a total of 10 Mic / Line inputs with 1/4″ and XLR connections. It features low noise Mic pre-amps with Phantom Power, 24-bit digital effects with 100 selectable presets of Reverb, Delay, and Chorus. Three-band equalization is available on each channel as well as effects and monitor sends. There’s dual seven band graphic equalization on the main and monitor sections, and dual RCA inputs with trim and crossfader that allow the DJ to fade in between sets. 900 watts of total system power is split between Main and Monitor sections, utilizing low noise operational amplifiers with advanced circuit design. All of this is built into a rugged, high impact ABS Angled Cabinet with convenient carry handles.

For those of us only needing six input channels, the XM610 gives you many of the same pro features, with 600 watts of total system power, more then enough power to you’re your favorite bar, or Mexican restaurant.

Samson Resolv 2.1 Active Monitor System

The new Resolv 2.1 system starts with the crystal clear highs and extremely accurate midrange of the Resolv 50a compact monitors- 75 watts of bi-amped power, driving a 5.25″ midrange and a 1″ ferro-fluid titanium tweeter. Then they added the new Resolv Sub88, an 80 watt powered subwoofer with an 8″ Long Stroke woofer. Combined, they provide recording artists the ultimate combination of full range monitoring in a compact three-piece system that sounds amazing.

The new sub/sat system also comes with an IR remote allowing control of system volume, sub volume and sub mute, giving you the option to monitor with the sub on or off, all without leaving the sweet spot of your listening position. And this is no simple on/off switch: When the sub is turned off the system automatically adjusts levels in the 50a satellites to compensate, giving users the ultimate a/b capability.

Samson Resound Speaker Line

Samson seems to have hit the nail on the head with their new line of live PA speakers: Samson Resound. The Resound speaker line is an ideal choice for those looking for great sound, and great looks at an incredible price.

There are seven different models of Resound speakers making it easy to find the right model for any specific application. There are four models of 2-way main speakers consisting of the RS10, RS12, RS15, and RS215, each equipped accordingly with a 10″ 12″ or 15″ (depending on model) custom heavy-duty low frequency driver, and a 1″ throat horn, matched with a 44mm compression driver for clean highs.

In addition there are three 2-way wedge-style monitors in a 10″ 12″ and 15″ versions, using the same high quality drivers and components. All the Resound speakers are built in heavy-duty braced dual-port tuned enclosures, with rugged steel grills, durable black carpeting and reinforced corners. The Resounds also feature dual 1/4″ and dual Speakon connections-a feature you won’t find on speakers costing twice the price.

The Resound line of speakers and their many configurations make them a perfect choice for club installs, rehearsal spaces, houses of worship, mobile DJ’s, or any live sound application where great sound is needed on a respectable budget.

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