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Microphone Month

Winter NAMM Report Part 1 of 5

Ableton Live’s revolutionary concept of elastic audio sequencing lets you record, import, arrange and process multiple audio clips and loops into complete songs regardless of their pitch or tempo-all in real time while the music continues. Live 3 adds exciting new features, including clip envelopes that allow non-destructive alterations within a sample for endless variations on a theme. As simple to use as it is powerful, Live 3 is a completely unique musical tool that blurs the distinction between stage and studio.


  • integrate audio clips of different tempos and pitches into new compositions

  • change tempo and pitch of your composition independently at any time

  • compose, record, arrange and mix without ever hitting the Stop button

  • proprietary time-stretching algorithms yield exceptional flexibility and fidelity

  • combines loop-based and linear multi-track recording

  • optionally quantize your audio recordings/performances in real-time

  • edit all aspects of a performance to perfection after the fact

  • privately audition candidate audio from disk while the main mix continues

  • DJ-like crossfading

  • built-in effects with automation including new Resonators, Compressor II, and EQ Three

  • expandable via VST and Rewire support

  • clip envelopes create endless variations on sample clips

  • MIDI key mapping allows song arrangement and performance

  • Consolidate command turns all tracks within a selected time range into a new clip

Audio Technica
Midnight Blues microphones deliver hard-rockin’ performance on a budget. These microphones both look and feel exceptional. While we couldn’t necessarily hear them at the show, they have the potential, especially at their given price, to make more than just a few live performing musician’s sound, look and feel fantastic!

Mics In This Series

  • MB1000: Handheld high-impedance cardioid dynamic microphone

  • MB1000L: Handheld cardioid dynamic microphone

  • MB2000L: Handheld/stand cardioid dynamic microphone

  • MB3000L: Handheld cardioid dynamic microphone

  • MB4000C: Handheld/stand cardioid condenser microphone

The BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio combines BOSS’ famous, easy-to-use interface with eight (that’s right, EIGHT!) XLR inputs for recording eight tracks simultaneously. This affordable 16-track recorder comes loaded with effects for guitars and vocals-including COSM Overdrive/Distortion, Amp Modeling and a new Vocal Tool Box-plus convenient PCM drum and bass tracks, a 40GB hard drive, CD-R/RW drive and USB port. It’s the perfect way to record your band in your studio or anywhere!

Plug into the BR-1600CD and you’ve got an arsenal of world-class BOSS effects ranging from reverb, delay and modulation to the latest modeling effects for guitar, bass and vocals. These include powerful overdrive/distortion and amp modeling identical to the BOSS GT-6, acoustic and bass effects, plus mic modeling and a new Vocal Tool Box. This special algorithm includes auto pitch correction to keep you in tune, plus a Harmony Sequence function for creating realistic harmonies-no background singers needed!


  • 16-track (256 V-Track) digital studio with 40GB hard drive and CD-R/RW drive

  • Record all 8 XLR inputs simultaneously-ideal for tracking live performances

  • Powerful onboard effects including COSM modeling for guitar, bass and vocals

  • New Vocal Tool Box with auto pitch correction and Harmony Sequence function

  • 16 individual Track EQs, plus 8 dedicated compressors

  • Mastering Tool Kit with multi-band compression for loud and punchy CDs

  • Create backing tracks quickly via independent Drum/Bass and Loop Phrase tracks

  • USB port for easy data exchange

The BOSS ME-50B puts world-class bass effects in a rugged floor unit with easy pedal-style control. Effects are divided into six sections-Compressor/Limiter, Master, Filter/Tone, Drive/Synth, Delay/Modulation and Expression Pedal-giving bassists a range of unique and powerful tones including new effects like Sound Hold, Octave Up and Kick Drum. Effects can be edited using 23 knobs and controlled via three built-in footswitches and an assignable expression pedal. This is the piece no bass player should be without!


  • Floor-based bass multi-effects processor with easy analog control

  • Killer COSM Compressor/Limiter and Drive effects, plus T-Wah, Slow Gear and Defretter

  • Innovative Sound Hold function for sustaining a low note while playing on top

  • Sound On Sound recording with new Kick Drum effect for keeping time

  • Dedicated knobs for each effect section-no menu-surfing!

  • Easy Tone effects with Preset EQ templates for quick tone editing

  • 3 footswitches and onboard expression pedal routed to 6 options like Octave, Wah, etc.

  • Solid metal case built to withstand abuse

The BOSS TU-80 brings super-accurate LCD tuning to musicians at a very affordable price, while adding unique high-end features like a built-in metronome and Accu-Pitch. The pocket-sized TU-80 runs on batteries and can tune almost any instrument, thanks to a chromatic tuning mode and ultra wide tuning range. It even tunes 7-string guitars and 6-string basses-putting the TU-80 in a class all its own.


  • Affordable and reliable LCD tuner with handy, built-in metronome

  • Supports chromatic tuning, plus 7-string guitars and 6-string basses

  • Accu-Pitch function sounds a tone when pitch is correct

  • Reference Tone Play function makes it easy to verify tuning by ear

  • Tunes down to 5 flats

  • Ultra-wide tuning range of E0 to C8-almost 8 octaves!

  • Ultra-thin body fits easily into a guitar case or pocket

  • Metronome has 7 rhythms, 10 beats and cool animated LCD display


DigiTech has once again raised the bar in defining the performing/recording guitarist’s ideal workstation. The new GNX4 is a full-featured multi-modeling floor effects processor, portable digital 8-track recorder, MIDI drum machine, MP3 player, and 4 in 4 out USB audio computer interface combined into a single package.

As a performing guitar processor, the GNX4 is great! At the heart of the GNX4 is DigiTech’s multi-modeling amp and cabinet modeling engine, where the sky is the limit on the number of amp and cabinet models that are available. Using the Warp knob and create your own models quickly and easily. Combine your favorite amp tone with studio quality effects processing, including the legendary Whammy and you have an unparalleled processing device. Connect to both your onstage amp and the house mixer using both the XLR and 1/4″ outputs and find out what a huge sound really is.

When you are ready to record, so is the GNX4. Thanks to USB connectivity and the included Pro Tracks Plus recording software, hands-free recording has been taken to the next level. Just press the record footswitch and stream four channels of 24-bit audio to the computer while playing two channels back, all with 0 latency monitoring. A high quality mic input with true +48V phantom power and stereo line inputs let you professionally capture virtually any audio source with ease. For the finishing touch, process your work through world-class Lexicon reverbs courtesy of the Pantheon reverb plug-in provided with both Pro Tracks Plus recording software for PC and BIAS Deck SE recording software for Mac. If you are out jamming with the band, the built-in 8-track recorder can capture the magic riffs that come out of nowhere and save the moment onto the Compact Flash memory card for transfer to the computer later.

Bundled Software

  • Pro Tracks Plus (PC) and BIAS Deck SE (Mac) Recording Software

  • Lexicon Pantheon Reverb Plug-in

  • Cakewalk Pyro Express CD Creation Software

  • X-Edit Editor/Librarian


  • Guitar multi-modeling recording workstation

  • 15 guitar amp and 10 bass amp models

  • Distortion Stompbox Modeling

  • Hypermodel creation – unlimited tones

  • Built-in 8-track digital recorder

  • 6 Channels of Audio Streaming via USB (record 4, playback 2)

  • MP3 Playback

  • High Quality Mic Preamp w/ 48V Phantom Power

  • Stereo Line Inputs

  • Built-in MIDI Drum machine

  • Compact Flash Memory Storage

  • XLR and 1/4″ Stereo Outputs with Speaker Compensation

  • 80 User / 80 Factory Presets

  • 24bit A/D/A Converters

  • Recorder Remote Control via Optional GNXFC

Logic Pro 6 offers a comprehensive set of music creation tools featuring rock-solid MIDI timing and synchronization, mixing and automation with total recall, as well as non-destructive editing of both audio and MIDI in real time. It also offers superb MIDI timing with 960 PPQN and sends and receives synchronized MIDI clock, MTC, MMC and word clock signals, making it ideal for film, TV and video post-production facilities.

Logic Pro 6 includes components previously sold separately. Now you don’t need to worry about extending Logic’s functionality. The ES1, EVP88, EXS24mkII, EVOC20, ES2, EVB3, EVD6 and Space Designer are all available right in the box. The new Space Designer features a real-time convolution process that produces a reverb virtually indistinguishable from that of a real room or hall. Space Designer ships with a library of over 1,000 impulse responses. These include real rooms and halls, as well as legendary classic and contemporary reverb units. In addition, you can always record your own impulse response.

Logic Pro 6 is sort of like everything you always wanted Logic to be, or at least now includes all the components you wanted anyway in one package. The bang for buck value just increased for Logic users.

With Express, you bget the flexibility, reliability and precision of Logic Pro 6 in a powerful, yet economically-priced, package. You’ll be able to work with up to 48 audio tracks in stereo or mono, up to 16 instrument channels, 4 inserts and 8 sends per channel using 8 stereo or mono busses, 18 high-quality effect plug-ins, live input support and 12 audio outputs. The critically acclaimed EVP73 Vintage Piano and the astoundingly fat ES1 Synthesizer further expand your sound generation capabilities. In addition, Logic Express includes track-based automation and superior POW-r dithering.

You can add all kinds of effects to your your MIDI and audio tracks. Logic Express includes three built-in software synthesizers. The built-in real-time effect system gives you Channel EQ with four EQ bands, four inserts for plug-ins and eight effect sends per audio track. Each of the eight effect busses has four inserts for plug-ins. You can choose from 18 built-in proprietary plug-ins, each with full automation, to use as insert effects in each effect bus and every audio track: EQs and Filters, Dynamics (Gate and Compressor), DeNoiser, Distortion, Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay, Tape Delay and Reverb.

E-MU’s new Digital Audio Systems are 24-bit/192kHz PCI audio interfaces that deliver everything musicians need to produce audio on a PC with professional results, including mastering-grade converters (E-MU says that they’re the same A/D converters used in Digidesign’s flagship ProTools HD 192 I/O interface), hardware-accelerated effects and mixing, and seamless compatibility with all major PC audio/MIDI software. E-MU offers three Digital Audio Systems: the E-MU 1820M, 1820 and 1212M, each matched with I/O and sync options to suit the specific needs of musicians, recording engineers and sound designers, and ship with comprehensive WDM, DirectSound and ASIO 2.0 drivers for Windows 2000 and XP.

What do you get when you combine E-MU’s breakthrough sampling technologies, powerful hardware DSP and pristine sound quality with the latest disk streaming, file management, and interface advantages of software? E-MU’s brand new Emulator X and Emulator X Studio desktop sampling systems! The Emulator X and Emulator X Studio desktop sampling systems are true professional sampling systems from the ground up, delivering unprecedented tools for automated sampling and preset creation, an integrated waveform editor, unrivalled synthesis (including over 50 patented Z-Plane morphing filters), and a mastering-grade 24-bit/192kHz audio interface with hardware-accelerated effects (with comprehensive WDM, DirectSound and ASIO 2.0 drivers for Windows 2000 and XP). E-MU’s Desktop Sampling Systems provide musicians and sound designers with hands-on control over their sounds right down to the sample level with the perfect balance of usability and raw sonic potential.

The Emulator X Studio also ships with a Sync daughtercard that allows musicians to lock external analog and digital systems together with a stable, high-resolution time base.

Emulator X I/O:

  • 2 Balanced Analog Inputs

  • 2 Balanced Analog Outputs

  • ADAT In/Out

  • S/PDIF In/Out (Coaxial)

  • MIDI In/Out

  • FireWire Interface

  • Emulator X Studio I/O:

  • 2 TFPro Mic Preamps (w/48V Phantom Power)

  • 6 Balanced Analog Inputs

  • 8 Balanced Analog Outputs

  • Turntable Input (w/ Ground and RIAA Preamp)

  • 8 Speaker Outputs (configurable to 7.1)

  • ADAT In/Out

  • S/PDIF In/Out (Coaxial)

  • S/PDIF Out (Optical)

  • 2 Sets of MIDI In/Out

  • FireWire Interface

The Elitist Chet Atkins Country Gentleman carries on the late guitarist’s legacy of influential guitar design, dating back to the 1950s. The Elitist Chet Atkins Country Gentleman is the latest in a series of innovative guitar designs from the man who has been called the world’s most influential guitarist. Named after Atkins’ 1953 recording, “Country Gentleman,” the model first appeared in the Gretsch line in 1957. The Elitist model is based on the thinline, semi-hollowbody Gibson that Atkins designed in 1986. It features such unique Atkins appointments as a banjo-style armrest, a wire tremolo handle and “thumbprint” fingerboard inlays.

Epiphone’s newest artist is a 13-year-old “anti-cool” girl whose dark, mischievous image has spread from her internet origins out into the world of clothing, accessories and now guitars. The new Epiphone Limited Edition Emily the Strange G-310 is a full-fledged electric guitar featuring Emily’s face and other familiar graphics.

The body of the Emily the Strange guitar is an Epiphone G-310, with the pointed horns of Gibson’s classic SG style. Emily’s mischievous face peers out from a spooky, swirling crimson, white and black graphic that includes her favorite saying, “People Are Strange.” Sabbath, one of Emily’s four cats, also appears on the body of the guitar, and a pair of cat’s eyes are inlaid in pearl on the fingerboard at the 12th fret. The swirling motif repeats on the headstock, which also sports “Emily the Strange” on the truss rod cover.

The guitar is equipped with a pair of powerful open-coil humbucking pickups (with black coils) and a black pickguard. It comes with a custom gigbag and strap, both of which have Emily the Strange graphics.

Rock Hall of Fame guitarist Joe Perry brings his personal Aged Tiger finish and Boneyard trademark to a new signature Epiphone model. The new Epiphone Joe Perry “Boneyard” is modeled after the Aerosmith guitarist’s personal Gibson Les Paul, which features a custom finish designed by his wife.

The Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard LP Standard is based on a Les Paul from Gibson’s Custom Shop that Perry’s wife Billie designed and presented to Perry as a Christmas present. The tiger-striped maple top is finished in a unique yellow-green Aged Tiger hue, and the headstock sports the “Boneyard” logo that Perry uses for his home recording studio and his brand of hot sauce. Pickups are Gibson USA ‘Burstbucker II and III vintage-style humbuckers.

The Elitist Tak Matsumoto model is the ultimate Les Paul Standard, featuring a quilt-maple top and abalone fingerboard inlays. The top finish is Takburst, a unique faded cherry sunburst that is complemented by faded cherry back and sides. The Tak Les Paul is equipped with Gibson USA-made ‘Burstbucker pickups, which are coverless humbuckers with “zebra” black and white coils, designed to replicate the pickups on the original sunburst Les Pauls of the 1958-60.

The most popular and influential electric guitar of all time, the Fender Stratocaster, will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2004! Beginning now, the world renowned Fender Custom Shop will make a limited number of 50th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster guitars. These faithful replications will be made with the same exacting detail as the original instruments, using many of the same machines and manufacturing methods used 50 years ago.

The Custom Shop will use all of the same materials that went into the first 1954 Stratocaster guitars, including a solid ash body, oversized Alnico 3 pole piece magnets, the styrene blend used for the pickup covers, knobs and switch cap, and the PVA pickguard material. Reproductions of the original pickups will be wound by Abigail Ybarra, who has been making Fender pickups since the 1950s. Additionally, all the plastic parts for the Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster have been retooled to historically correct shapes and specifications.

The Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster is available only with a lightly aged, vintage correct 2-Tone Sunburst lacquer finish and a one piece maple neck and fretboard.

The new American Deluxe Series Telecaster Ash is the perfect top of the line American made Tele for players who want an ash body guitar that is both esthetically beautiful, yet a monster of a workhorse. With Fender “S-1 Switching” & new SCN pickups, this guitar is extremely versatile and gives the player something both beautiful and superior in classic Fender craftsmanship and tone.

The American Deluxe Telecaster Ash is designed for players who want a top of the line production model Fender guitar with the tone that comes with an Ash body, and a feature set usually found only on custom made instruments.


  • Solid Ash Body

  • ’52 Style Shape Maple Neck

  • Vintage Tint Neck

  • American Tele Stainless Steel Chrome Plated Brass Saddles

  • Deluxe Staggered Cast-Sealed Tuners

  • Dot Abalone Inlays

  • Maple Fingerboard

  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets

  • 2 Single-Coil SCN Tele Pickups (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless)

  • New Fender S-1 Switching

  • Colors: 2-Color Sunburst, Butterscotch Blonde

In honor of the legendary guitarist and his guitar, the world renowned Fender Custom Shop is proud to announce that in January of 2004, it will offer a Limited Edition Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Model “Number One” Stratocaster Guitar. These guitars have been commissioned to the Custom Shop by the estate of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and only 100 replicas will ever be built.

The new American Deluxe Jazz Bass QMT & FMT are stunning pieces of classic Fender craftsmanship. With a choice of either QMT (Quilt Maple Top) or FMT (Flame Maple Top), these instruments feature a beautiful 1/8″ thick piece of solid figured maple that is hand bent to the top for the “perfect” sonic and visual compliment. The “New” SCN pickups offer the player the ultimate in superior tone and flexibility.

Available in both 4-String and 5-String models!


  • Body: Premium Alder with Bent Figured Maple Top

  • Neck: Graphite Reinforced Maple, Modern “C” Shape with Satin Polyurethane Finish

  • Rosewood or Maple Fingerboard(9.5″ Radius/241 mm)

  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets

  • Scale Length: 34″ (864 mm)

  • Width @ Nut: 1.500″ (38 mm)

  • Gold Plated Hardware

  • Deluxe Gold Plated Steel Bridge Plate, (Strings-Thru-Body or Top Load), with
  • Gold Plated Brass Saddle

  • 2 Dual-Coil SCN (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless) Jazz Bass Pickups

  • Pickup Switching: Pan Pot

  • Controls: Master Volume, Pan Pot, 3-Band Active EQ with: Treble Boost/Cut: +/- 10 db @ 8kHz, a shift in the cut frequency, and about a 2dB slope per octave. Mid Boost/Cut: +10dB, -15dB @ 500Hz, and a wide band slope. Bass Boost/Cut: +/- 12 db @ 40 Hz, with a 4dB slope per octave.

  • Colors: Amber, Bing Cherry Transparent, Tobacco Sunburst

Fender’s top-selling Acoustasonic Jr. has now been fitted with on board, state-of-the-art DSP effects that offer even more versatility to the world’s most trusted name in acoustic amplification.

With more than a year spent on research and development, the new Acoustasonic Jr. DSP now features handcrafted Digital Signal Processing effects that combine the clarity of Fender’s Acoustasonic Series with the versatility on board digital features to offer musicians a complete palette of acoustic possibilities. New DSP effects include Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Vibratone, and more, all of which are specially designed and optimized for acoustic performers.

New to the Squier Standard Series are the Tele Custom II. This model features relevant updates drawing from dealer and consumer requests for different pickup configurations and sleek styling, while maintaining the overall “vibe” of the classic Telecaster guitar’s design.

Based on one of the most popular Telecaster designs of all time, the Tele Custom II features two Duncan Designed Soapbar single coil pickups with independent volume and tone controls. The Tele Custom II comes with a maple neck and 22 medium jumbo frets, and is available in Black and Blonde.

Squier is also very proud to introduce its new offering of top-of-its-line Special Run guitars, which include new Black & Chrome Series Strat, Tele & P-Bass Special guitars with matching headstocks, and new Deluxe Series Stratocasters with flame maple and quilted maple tops with pearl pickguards.

The Black & Chrome Series combine modern looks with a classic feel, and never before has Squier offered so much guitar at such incredible prices! All of the instruments in this series feature a Gloss Black finish with matching headstock and chrome finished pickguards & hardware!

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