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Why Don’t PRS 408 Pickups Lose Volume in Single-coil Mode?


Q: Most humbucking pickups lose volume when you split the coils to create a single-coil tone. But the PRS 408 pickups don’t — the volume stays the same in both humbucking and single-coil modes. How is this possible?

A: The Paul Reed Smith 408 pickups use a unique design. In humbucking mode, both coils are on, as you would expect. In single-coil mode, one coil is taken completely out of action — it isn’t just grounded as in many other designs. Plus, 1,500 turns are added to the remaining coil, which maintains the volume and beefs the sound up to give you a true single-coil tone. It’s an amazing system that results in a phenomenally versatile pickup and guitar.

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