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USB and Yamaha’s Motif (6, 7, 8, and Rack versions)

Q: “What is the USB port used for on the back of the Motif keyboard?”

A: The USB Port on Motif supports USB MIDI (it does not support USB Audio, or other USB devices such as mouse, CDRWs, HD. Etc.). The following are three examples of how you can take advantage of the USB Port on one of Yamaha’s Motif keyboards (6, 7, 8 and Rack).

  1. MIDI: The Motif USB cable supports up to eight separate MIDI ports. The Motif’s Tone Generator block supports three separate ports ( One port for the Internal TG, One Port for a Multi-channel board like the PLG-XG and one Port for putting the other PLG boards on separate MIDI channels), The Motif’s MIDI Thru function supports eight separate MIDI ports when using USB.
  2. File transfers to and from your SmartMedia to you Computer: The File Utility lets you use your computer to access and manage data stored on SmartMedia and any SCSI devices connected to MOTIF. Through convenient PC control, you can browse, delete and rename files on a memory card or disk, and convert Standard MIDI Files from format 1 to format 0.
  3. Connecting to your computer to use the External Remote control Functions: If you are using the Remote Control functions to control operations on a computer software sequencer, we recommend making connections with USB. The speed of USB makes this software control interface with Logic, Cubase, Cakewalk and Pro Tools elegant.

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