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Upcoming Firmware Update to StudioLive AI Mixers to Add Cascading

Later this summer PreSonus will release a new version of StudioLive AI firmware that supports cascading two mixers together. Two mixers of any size can be cascaded by a single Firewire 800 cable: for example, you’ll be able to cascade two StudioLive AI 32.4.2 consoles to create a 64-channel system with 32 mix buses and 80 simultaneous recording streams and 66 simultaneous playback streams from a Firewire 800- or Thunderbolt-equipped computer. Combine a 32.4.2AI with a StudioLive AI 16.4.2 to create a single 48-channel console. Or cascade a 16.4.2AI with a StudioLive AI 24.4.2 for 40 channels. This will allow you to scale your console to meet whatever needs are required.

The firmware update will be a free release later this summer. The most recent firmware update added the ability for StudioLive AI mixers to directly download firmware updates over any network with Internet access.

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