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Universal Audio Releases New UAD v9.1 Software with Apollo Multi-Unit Support For Windows 10

Universal Audio has updated their UAD Software to version 9.1. Now Windows 10 PC users now have the same mix-and-match capabilities as Mac users, enabling them to cascade up to four Apollo Thunderbolt audio interfaces for up to 64 x 64 channels of analog I/O. Up to six UAD-2 or Apollo devices can be combined, allowing for UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt DSP Accelerators to be added for additional plug-in processing power.

In addition, UAD Software v9.1 extends Console 2 software support to users of multiple Apollo FireWire devices, providing dynamic new workflow options such as high-resolution graphics, dynamic application resizing, Channel Strip windows, Drag-and-Drop plug-ins, UAD Monitor/Record per input, and more. All Apollo interfaces now feature Console 2 software.

Finally, UAD Software v9.1 is fully qualified for use with macOS Sierra.

Full list of the new UAD Software v9.1 Features:

  • Connect up to four Apollo Thunderbolt audio interfaces to Thunderbolt 3-equipped Windows 10 PCs for up to 64 x 64 Analog I/O
  • Mix-and-match the entire series of Apollo Thunderbolt audio interfaces — plus UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt devices for DSP expansion — up to six total devices on either Mac or PC
  • Console 2 software for two Apollo FireWire or two Apollo 16 FireWire units
  • Full qualification of macOS Sierra

The v9.1 software update is free to all registered Apollo owners.

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