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Transfering projects from Yamaha’s AW2816 to the AW4416.

Q: “Is there any way to transfer projects from the Yamaha AW2816 to the AW4416?”

A: Yes, but because of differences in the hardware and the way files are stored, you cannot simply transfer the backup file. The only way to transfer the files is one or two at a time via CD as a wave file. You can export .wav files one at a time (or two at a time if you link two tracks stereo) onto a CD. The AW2816 will finalize the CD, meaning you’ll need to use another CD for the next track. We recommend using rewritable CDs (CDRW) due to the fact you may need to put a small amount of data on a lot of discs.

You can go to edit mode, track edit, and wave export to export each track as a wave file.

Please keep in mind that the mixer data does not come across since the number of mixer channels is different.

As a side note, you can also load audio data from an AW16G into either the AW2816 or the AW4416 provided it is saved as an AW2816 backup file. This is an option on the AW16G file backup screen.

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