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Recording News

Mastering Made Easy!

Every recording can benefit from a good mastering job. And now, iZotope has made mastering simple, effective, and efficient with the release of Ozone 7 Elements. Ozone 7 Elements distills all the power of Ozone 7... Read more »

A Song for You

On November 13, 2016, the Tulsa Sound grew a little quieter with the passing of Leon Russell. From session musician to sideman to solo star, Leon devoted his life to the music that he loved. Leon Russell was born... Read more »

The Legendary Neumann U 87

The industry-standard large-diaphragm condenser mic In the 1960s, the new transistor was making serious inroads into the tube-driven world of pro audio. In 1967, Neumann's large-diaphragm U 67 tube condenser... Read more »

Can Mic Leakage Be A Good Thing?

In audio terms, "leakage" (also known as "bleed") is when one sound you are recording is picked up by a mic intended to record a different source. Most recording tutorials you'll watch or read give you lots of... Read more »

Softube Volume 1

Volume 1 from Softube is a collection of plug-ins very specifically compiled to address the 11 most common situations in music production. The collection includes 16 plug-ins from Softube, a company renowned for the... Read more »

Klark Teknik announces 1176-KT

Quick, name one compressor/limiter that recording engineers can't do without. For many, the answer would be the venerable 1176 Limiting Amplifier. Now, Klark Teknik has released their take on this vintage must-have... Read more »

Apogee Element 46 Audio Interface Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rajh2TkOf0M Mitch Gallagher records some tracks with the Apogee Element 46 audio interface, with help from Sweetwater's Nick D'Virgilio and Don Carr. The Element 46 is a 12-in/14-out... Read more »

KRK V Series 4 Active Studio Monitors

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE6stYd71WU Mitch Gallagher presents the KRK V-series 4 active studio monitor speakers. KRK worked with hundreds of engineers and producers to get the response right for its V Series... Read more »

Novation Releases Circuit v1.4 Firmware

The latest firmware release from Novation adds new features to the Circuit groovebox, making it more powerful than ever. The Circuit firmware v1.4 update is free, and can be done through the Circuit Components suite... Read more »

Does the Power Amp of the Positive Grid BIAS Head Amp Need To Be Disabled During Silent Recording?

The power amp section of the Positive Grid BIAS Head Amp is always on. However, that's not a problem for silent recording. Unlike tube amps, which always need a speaker load attached, the BIAS Head Amp has a... Read more »

Soundtoys Releases Version 5.1.1 Update

Soundtoys has updated their suite of Soundtoys 5 products to version 5.1.1. The new version includes the following fixes: Fixed issue that was causing crashing in some 32-bit sessions with high memory usage.Fixed DC... Read more »

Three New Plug-ins for UAD-2 and Apollo

Universal Audio has announced three new plug-ins for their UAD audio DSP accelerators and Apollo audio interfaces. Announced as part of the UAD Software v9.0 update, the API 2500 Bus Compressor, Chandler Limiter... Read more »

Universal Audio UAD Software v9.0 Adds Thunderbolt Support for Windows 10

Universal Audio has unveiled the latest software for their UAD audio DSP accelerators and Apollo audio interfaces. In addition to three new optional plug-ins, UAD v9.0 includes major features for Windows 10 users... Read more »

Windows Driver for Focusrite Clarett Thunderbolt Interfaces Now Available

Focusrite has released a Windows driver for their Clarett range of Thunderbolt audio interfaces. The driver offers parity with the Mac version, including latency as low as 2.32ms and Focus Control hardware mixer... Read more »

Waves Announces Sierra Compatibility

Waves has announced that all their plug-ins (version 9.6 and higher) and software applications are now fully compatible with macOS X 10.12.1 (Sierra). If you are using a VST-compatible DAW, Waves instructs that you... Read more »

Sonoma Wire Works Updates Drumcore to v4.0.13

Sonoma Wire Works has released the latest update to Drumcore 4. The newest version, 4.0.13, includes the following additions and bugfixes: Improves downloading initial content, and purchasing and downloading add-on... Read more »

Pace Unveils iLok 3

Pace has released the newest iLok license storage key, the iLok 3. The new iLok is the smallest yet, half the size of its predecessor at just 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. This lower-profile design combined... Read more »

Allen & Heath ZED and ZEDi Mixers Reviewed

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-BnnMRfsJM Mitch Gallagher presents Allen & Heath's ZED and ZEDi series of mixers. These mixers are ideal for home recording, as well as small-format live sound applications... Read more »

Signal Path for sE Electronics X1A Recording in Video?

Q: I really like the acoustic guitar sound in your video demonstrating the sE Electronics X1A microphone. What was the signal chain: preamp, interface, etc.? A: inSync editor Mitch Gallagher recording Don Carr... Read more »

iZotope’s Free Mixing Guide Updated

iZotope has updated their free downloadable Mixing with iZotope guide with new Neutron tips. The free guide takes a comprehensive look at the art, aesthetic, and theory behind audio mixing. You'll learn how to use... Read more »

Avid Announces macOS 10.12 Sierra Support for Pro Tools 12.6

Avid has announced that they have certified Pro Tools 12 version 12.6 and above as compatible with macOS 10.12.0 (Sierra). Be sure that your Mac, running macOS 10.12.0 (Sierra), meets the following minimum... Read more »

How to Run a Recording Studio

Thinking about putting your recording studio to work making money? Want to up the success of your commercial or project studio? Check out the latest free guide from our friends at Disc Makers: The Art of Running a... Read more »

Get Creative with the Stereo Field

Over the years, certain instruments have settled into traditional placements in the stereo field. Bass, kick drum, snare drum, vocals, and low tones tend to be mixed to the center of the stereo panorama, and higher... Read more »

ATC Announces P2 PRO

Hot on the heels of the P1 PRO Dual Mono Power Amplifier from ATC adds a big brother to the family, the P2 Pro Dual Mono Power Amplifier. The P2 PRO doubles the output power of the P1, from 150 watts per channel to... Read more »