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Live Sound News

Take Your Drum Sound with You – Carrying Your Own Mics

Drummers don't have it easy. We chose to play a big, bulky instrument, and we love it. Most of us work hard at finessing "our sound" just like our melodic instrument counterparts. Keyboard players, guitarists, bass... Read more »

Equalization for Live Sound

What's an EQ? Before we dive into the relative merits of parametric channel equalizers and graphic EQs, it's important to understand a few of the fundamentals that govern all forms of equalization. All equalizers... Read more »

Timing is Everything: Time-aligning Speakers for Your PA

When a PA system isn't able to properly cover the audience, a common remedy is to add supplemental speakers, frequently called ancillary speakers (ancillary means "providing something additional to the main... Read more »

The Fundamentals of Live Sound Recording

The subject of how to accomplish live sound recording is as broad as the reasons for recording live. The setup that's perfect for capturing a stereo mix and tossing it up on YouTube before the audience gets home... Read more »

Creating a Silent Stage

Here's a typical scenario: you arrive at the venue, and the stage is smaller than you were told. In fact, your band will barely fit on it. The stage is also backed into a corner, surrounded by hard surfaces that... Read more »

Mixing Live Sound with Plug-ins

Modern sound engineers have more processing tools at their disposal than ever before, with plug-ins for live sound becoming as commonplace as their hardware counterparts. Especially in large-format music mixing and... Read more »

Power Management for Your Live Sound Rig

Audio clarity is greatly affected by the quality of the power used to run audio equipment. This is one of the many aspects of live sound that your audience won't notice so long as everything's done correctly, but if... Read more »

Epic Live Show Fails: 5 Tips for Avoiding Them

Have you ever heard the term "trial by fire"? Wikipedia defines that phrase like this: "Trial by ordeal, by which the guilt or innocence of the accused is determined by subjecting them to a painful task." You may be... Read more »

Adding Triggers to your Drum Kit

Do you make elaborate sounding records that take the sounds of your drum kit to many different places? Do you want to play those songs live and have them sound the same as your records? Do you want your drums to... Read more »

Adding a Subwoofer to Your PA

Why Add a Sub to Your PA? There's nothing quite like a chest-pounding kick drum, a bass line you can feel in your bones. But even with subtler applications, adding impact to low frequencies isn't the only good... Read more »

Audio Networking Explained

Computer networks have been used for decades to interconnect multiple computers and other digital equipment. A network provides an economical and efficient way for devices to share data and for users to communicate... Read more »

4 Ways to Protect Your Hearing!

As a musician, there is nothing more important than protecting your hearing. Sure your hands, feet (especially if you are a drummer), and voice are incredibly important, but as far as music is concerned, all of... Read more »

Utilizing Ribbon Mics for Live Sound

I discovered ribbon mics late in my career, after I'd been engineering for 20 years. I only knew the classics before that, such as the RCA 44 and 77-DX, which looked great in glass cases or in photos of music stars... Read more »

Five Must-haves for Taking Computers on the Road

It wasn't too long ago that the thought of relying on a computer for live performance was cause for skepticism, but today computers are a mainstay in live performance. Whether it's for the biggest rock or pop bands... Read more »

The DI Box – What is it? Why Do I Need One?

What Is a DI Box? Born out of necessity in studios such as Motown and United Sound Systems to accommodate the electric instruments emerging in the 1960s, direct boxes began as a way to resolve a basic impedance... Read more »

Gig Essentials: Backup Wi-Fi Router

When you're packing up gear for your gig and making sure you have spare batteries, cables, and other essentials, a backup Wi-Fi router may not be on your list of essentials. But with the multitude of digital mixing... Read more »

8 Essential EQ Tips for Live Sound

As misunderstood as they often are, equalizers are the bread and butter of good sound reinforcement, and knowing how to properly EQ is one of the most critical jobs of running the board. From correcting problems and... Read more »

PAs for DJs

What Is a DJ? The term "DJ" has an extremely wide meaning, covering everything from the person in charge of keeping the music going at the wedding reception to performers who deconstruct, combine, and create... Read more »

Live Sound Mixers: Analog vs. Digital

What Is a Mixer? Whether it's analog or digital, modest or massive, every live sound mixer has a specific job to do, which is to take signal from multiple sources, combine them, and send the results to one or more... Read more »

Complete Your Live Sound Kit with 10 Must-have Accessories

Sometimes they're toolboxes, sometimes they're old army bags or converted equipment racks, but one thing's for sure, every seasoned live sound tech keeps a kit full of essential gear that's saved at least one major... Read more »

Sound Communication for Live Worship

NOTE: This article originally appeared in Sweetwater's Spring 2016 Worship Sound Pro directory. Modern musical worship requires commitment, discipline, and, perhaps most of all, teamwork. Nowhere is that more... Read more »

Batteries and Wireless – the Real Deal

Wireless transmitters and receivers have become standard equipment for any type of live event. From a pie-eating contest at the county fair to your favorite artist headlining the Enormo-dome, wireless technology... Read more »

Wired vs. Wireless for Your Stage

When we're talking about microphones and instruments onstage, which is better: wired or wireless? The advantages and disadvantages are consistent whether you're in a gigging band, leading worship at church, or... Read more »

Wireless In-ear Monitor Primer

For in-ear monitor systems, there are two distinct choices: wired or wireless. If your position onstage is totally stationary—drums, keyboards, or any seated performer—a wired system offers consistency, ease, and... Read more »