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Keyboard News

Avid Releases Pro Tools 12.5

Avid has released Pro Tools 12.5 and Pro Tools HD 12.5. The big news in this version is the arrival of Avid Cloud Collaboration, which brings to fruition the ongoing addition of new Pro Tools features, such as... Read more »

Live Sound: Cable Organization

Nothing can ruin your set faster than tripping over cables — not only are cables a safety hazard for the performers, it's all too easy to pull over a piece of gear, break an input or output jack, or otherwise... Read more »

Eventide H9 Effects Pedal Tweaking by Daniel Fisher

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXjjbDme96s Sweetwater's resident synth guru, Daniel Fisher, takes a deep dive into editing the Eventide H9, H9 Core, and H9 MAX via the free H9 Control Editing App for Mac, PC... Read more »

Live Sound: Don’t Forget the Extension Cord

These days, nearly every musician needs power onstage — even vocalists need power for charging their iPads! Most musicians know that they should bring an extra power strip or two to the gig, just in case the... Read more »

Synths Onstage: Keyboard Amp or PA?

The Internet is littered with articles, blogs, and opinions on how to amplify electric guitars onstage. While there isn't as much discussion about it, synths need amplification too! You have two choices for... Read more »

Applied Acoustics Systems Chromaphone 2

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) has released Chromaphone 2, the latest version of their creative percussion synthesizer. With a new streamlined GUI and powerful new features, Chromaphone 2 is even more capable of... Read more »

Disc Makers Celebrates 70th with Giveaway

Our friends at Disc Makers are celebrating their 70th anniversary — and you could be a lucky winner! As part of the celebration, Disc Makers presents "Disc Makers Ultimate CD Wallet Bundle Prize Package,"... Read more »

Live Sound Month Continues at Sweetwater!

As part of Live Sound Month, the experienced sound-reinforcement engineers and performing artists at Sweetwater have prepared over 30 articles covering topics from speaker coverage and speaker delay to the best way... Read more »

Preventing Volume Wars

We admit it, we love to hear a cranked up guitar amp, a thunderous bass, and hammering drums — there's nothing like it! But volume can very easily get out of hand, leading to a volume war onstage. The... Read more »

Nord Piano 3 Review by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eZ9hHNj07A Chris Martirano from American Music and Sound presents the Nord Piano 3. Featuring Nord's superb 88-note Virtual Hammer Action weighted keybed, the Piano 3 HA88 lets you... Read more »

What is a “Snake” and Do I Need One?

"Snake" is a generalized term for many cables all permanently bundled together in a tube or other binding. A snake is useful when you need to route a bunch of cables from one location to another — rather than... Read more »

Keith Emerson Passes

Prog-rock keyboard virtuoso/composer/legend Keith Emerson died Friday at his home in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. A pioneer in the prog-rock genre, Emerson, as one of the founders of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, combined... Read more »

Yamaha PSR-A3000 World Arranger Keyboard Demo by Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncVSdJQkxDw Heratch Touresian from Yamaha presents the PSR-A3000 world arranger keyboard. Loaded with Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish, and Greek styles, the PSR-A3000 is... Read more »

Live Sound Month at Sweetwater!

We're celebrating Live Sound Month at Sweetwater! For over three decades, our passion has been helping performers take the stage with confidence, with PA solutions that cover everything from churches to coffee... Read more »

How can I Play an Analog Synth Module If It Doesn’t have MIDI?

Before the days of MIDI and MIDI controllers, synthesizers were operated using control voltages (CV). You would patch a cable between the keyboard controller's CV output and the CV input of the analog synthesizer... Read more »

Rob Papen Releases NKS-compatible Instruments

Rob Papen has updated five of their virtual instruments to be compatible with Native Instruments' NKS format for their Komplete Kontrol S-series of controllers. The instruments are Blue-II, RAW, Blade, RG, and... Read more »

Strymon MultiSwitch and Firmware Updates

The Strymon MultiSwitch adds a lot of creative power when combined with the company's TimeLine, Mobius, or BigSky pedals. In most cases, connecting a MultiSwitch to your Strymon pedal will be simply "plug and play,"... Read more »

UVI Falcon Updated to v1.0.7

UVI has updated their powerhouse hybrid synthesizer, Falcon, to version 1.0.7. The update contains the following fixes and additions: Fix regression with legato multi point envelope introduced in 1.0.4Fix issue with... Read more »

Fresh Tones: Wah at the End of the Pedal Chain

The classic position for a wah pedal is as the first pedal your guitar sees (or second, if you use a vintage fuzz pedal that doesn't deal well with buffers). It's almost considered gospel: the wah becomes part of... Read more »

iSPARK and SPARKle for iPad

Arturia has introduced iSPARK, an app for iPad that brings the power of SPARK 2 to the mobile world. Best of all, iSPARK's user interface is designed to emulate Arturia's SPARKle compact rhythm controller, and you... Read more »

Cool Tool: Ansmann Work Light

Shed a little light on the subject! There's nothing worse than trying to set up on a dark stage or fiddling around in the dark inside or behind a rack loaded full of equipment. Sure, many smartphones have a... Read more »

Disc Makers Guide to Marketing for Musicians

Our friends at Disc Makers have published another free guide: The Complete Marketing Process for Musicians: Creating and Executing a Music Marketing Plan. It's no secret that you'll never build a fan base or get... Read more »

President’s Day Sale — Save Up to 72%!

Looking for a great deal? You'll definitely find amazing deals at Sweetwater's 2016 President's Day Sale! You could save up to 72% off of regular prices on select items, now through February 16, 2016. Check out some... Read more »

Get iZotope DDLY Free — Limited-time Offer

Free never sounded so good! Get iZotope's new DDLY Dynamic Delay Plug-in absolutely FREE from Sweetwater, no strings attached! Limited-time offer good through March 9, 2016. The DDLY is designed to let you create... Read more »