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Guitar News

What Software Ships with Positive Grid BIAS Amps?

The Positive Grid BIAS Head, BIAS Head Preamplifier, BIAS Rack, and BIAS Rack Preamplifier all ship with BIAS Amp Pro software for controlling the BIAS Head, managing presets, and crafting your own tones.

A Song for You

On November 13, 2016, the Tulsa Sound grew a little quieter with the passing of Leon Russell. From session musician to sideman to solo star, Leon devoted his life to the music that he loved. Leon Russell was born... Read more »

IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Guitar Interface Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz-dCDfcjgM Mitch Gallagher presents the IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 guitar interface. The successor to IK Multimedia's popular iRig HD, the iRig HD 2 guitar interface demonstrates all... Read more »

Does the Positive Grid BIAS Amp Work with MIDI Controller Pedals?

Yes! All of the BIAS amps (Head and Rack, amp and preamp versions) are fully MIDI compatible. BIAS amps respond to both Preset Change and Continuous Control messages. There is no need to change banks via MIDI... Read more »

When to Use a Clean Boost Versus a Dirty Boost?

A clean boost pedal is designed to deliver uncolored, "transparent" gain, much like a microphone preamplifier. These are perfect for situations in which you want to hit the front end of your guitar amplifier harder... Read more »

EarthQuaker V2

EarthQuaker Devices has unleashed updated and improved versions of four of their best-selling pedals: Dispatch Master delay and reverb, Speaker Cranker overdrive, Acapulco Gold distortion, and Afterneath reverb. All... Read more »

Interview with Chris Martin from Martin Guitar Co.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcttsAx-wjM Mitch Gallagher is joined by Chris Martin, Chairman and CEO of C.F. Martin & Co. After the video, check out Martin guitars at Sweetwater here:... Read more »

Can You Use Guitar Pedals with the BIAS Amp?

The Positive Grid BIAS amp sounds great with analog or digital pedals (or both) either in front of the amp, or in the effects loop. This is true for all four versions of the BIAS Amp (powered head, preamp head... Read more »

Mission Engineering Guitar Cab for Kemper Profiling Head

Mission Engineering has introduced a brand-new unpowered 2x12 cabinet designed specifically for users of the Kemper Profiling Head — only available at Sweetwater! The KM-212P is available in green and black to... Read more »

Should I Adjust My Guitar’s Neck Myself?

Adjusting the relief on a guitar or bass neck is generally quite simple and safe to do. It's something we think every guitar or bass player should at least be familiar with doing, in case of an "emergency" when a... Read more »

Does the Power Amp of the Positive Grid BIAS Head Amp Need To Be Disabled During Silent Recording?

The power amp section of the Positive Grid BIAS Head Amp is always on. However, that's not a problem for silent recording. Unlike tube amps, which always need a speaker load attached, the BIAS Head Amp has a... Read more »

Richie Faulkner Interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkiZvjHpes8 Mitch Gallagher is joined by Richie Faulkner, guitarist for Judas Priest. He talks about what it's like playing for a band he came up listening to, how he got the gig, and... Read more »

The Guitar Buying Experience at Sweetwater

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH1730Fx8XA With over 10,000 guitars at your fingertips, buying from Sweetwater has never been easier. In the Sweetwater Guitar Gallery you can search by color, price, components and... Read more »

Concord LTD by Emerson Custom

Sweetwater has teamed with our friends at Emerson Custom to create a limited-edition Concord buffer pedal in a very cool matte black finish. When do you need a buffer? Most pedalboards can benefit from a... Read more »

Marshall 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee Amp Head and 2536 Silver Jubilee Cab Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70W4sLS99Jw Nick Bowcott from Marshall presents the 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee amp head, along with its matching 2536A cabinet. This 20-watt 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee gives you... Read more »

Signal Path for sE Electronics X1A Recording in Video?

Q: I really like the acoustic guitar sound in your video demonstrating the sE Electronics X1A microphone. What was the signal chain: preamp, interface, etc.? A: inSync editor Mitch Gallagher recording Don Carr... Read more »

iZotope’s Free Mixing Guide Updated

iZotope has updated their free downloadable Mixing with iZotope guide with new Neutron tips. The free guide takes a comprehensive look at the art, aesthetic, and theory behind audio mixing. You'll learn how to use... Read more »

BOSS Announces CP-1x and AD-2

BOSS has announced two new next-generation pedals, the CP-1X, a guitar compressor pedal powered by BOSS's proprietary MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing) technology, and the AD-2, an advanced processor for live... Read more »

How to Run a Recording Studio

Thinking about putting your recording studio to work making money? Want to up the success of your commercial or project studio? Check out the latest free guide from our friends at Disc Makers: The Art of Running a... Read more »

Roland Unveils Latest Jazz Chorus Amp

The latest member of the popular Jazz Chorus family of guitar amplifiers has been announced by Roland, the JC-22. Featuring classic Roland Jazz Chorus clean tone and famous Dimensional Space Chorus effect in a... Read more »

What Does the Presence Knob on a Guitar Amplifier Do?

It's obvious from the labels what most controls on guitar amps do: the Treble knob adjusts treble (high)frequencies, the Bass knob adjusts bass (low) frequencies, and so on. Many guitar amps also have a knob labeled... Read more »

Ernie Ball Offers Beta Test of Upcoming New Strings

Ernie Ball has combined everything they have learned over the past five decades of making guitar strings and put it to work to create the new Paradigm electric and acoustic guitar strings. And now, for a limited... Read more »

Avenged Sevenfold Interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN82H9WOx38 Mitch Gallagher is joined by Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates, and Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold for this special interview. They were kind enough to stop by while... Read more »

Custom Westone In-ear Monitors

When you need to hear yourself, nothing works better than custom-molded in-ear monitors. And no one does custom in-ears better than Westone, who has been leading the industry for more than 50 years! Now Sweetwater... Read more »