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Drums News

Mapex Saturn V MH Exotic 4-piece Shell Pack Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the Mapex Saturn V MH Exotic 4-piece shell pack. With its SONIClear bearing edges and tone-enhancing tom hardware, there's no question about it: the Mapex Saturn V is the best Saturn shell... Read more »

Vocalists: Bring Your Own Mic to the Gig

As a vocalist singing with bands (and that includes instrumentalists who sing backups as well as lead singers), it's possible to get by without owning your own vocal microphone. Often the person in the band who owns... Read more »

Peace of Mind: Uninterruptable Power Supply

Many people use an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) battery back-up power unit for their computer — basically a UPS is a battery that provides power when the AC from the wall is cut. With a UPS there's... Read more »

Meinl Cajon Drumset Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents Meinl's complete Cajon Drumset. Perfect for studio recording, small stages and acoustic performances, this cool percussion package combines a gorgeous Meinl cajon with a kick pedal, hi-hat... Read more »

Live Monitoring 102: How to Use In-ear Monitors (Continued)

This is a continuation of the first video, Live Monitoring 101: How to Use In-ear Monitors, which you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKU9LbMOV20 Being able to hear yourself is critical for a great... Read more »

Vinnie Colaiuta Interviewed by Sweetwater

Nick D'Virgilio interviews master drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Jing Chi). Along with guitarist Robben Ford and bassist Jimmy Haslip, Colaiuta was visiting Sweetwater Studios to record their latest album. Vinnie talks... Read more »

Get Your Free Copy of Band:Smart

Want to know everything about everything related to bands and making it in the music business? Then you must check out Martin Atkins' acclaimed Band:Smart book — and we've got it for you completely FREE of... Read more »

TAMA Starclassic Maple Exotix Shell Pack Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the TAMA Starclassic Maple Exotix shell pack. TAMA's Starclassics once ruled the world. Today, TAMA is transforming these former hard rock staples into a timeless classic: the Starclassic... Read more »

Mapex Black Panther Artist Series Snare Drums Demo

Russ Miller presents the Mapex Black Panther Artist Series of snare drums. Mapex worked long hours with multi-platinum recording artist Russ Miller, as well as renowned drummers Matt Halpern and Chris Adler, to... Read more »

Multitrack Drum Recording with the Universal Audio Apollo 8p

Nick D'Virgilio shares some tips and techniques for multitrack recording with Universal Audio's Apollo 8p audio interface. Loaded with cutting-edge digital conversion and eight Unison-equipped preamps and UAD-2 QUAD... Read more »

Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Series Snare Drum Demo

Russ Miller presents the Mapex Black Panther Design Lab series of snare drums. Mapex Black Panther Design Lab snares are engineered with Mapex's Concept Hybrid approach to sound design, shell composition, and drum... Read more »

TAMA Superstar Classic 7-piece Shell Pack Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the TAMA Superstar Classic shell pack with Tangerine Lacquer Burst finish. TAMA's signature thin 100% maple shells endow the Superstar Classic with bold, rich tones to awaken your grooves... Read more »

Sib Hashian — Remembering the Drummer That Wasn’t

With the passing of drummer John Thomas "Sib" Hashian this week, rock 'n' roll fans are remembering Sib as the rhythmic force behind one of the most influential bands of the '70s — Boston. But before the fame and... Read more »

New CITES Regulation Impacts International Import/Export of Rosewood Instruments

On January 2nd, 2017, a new regulation came into effect that requires official documentation — and in a lot of cases, fees — when shipping rosewood (and certain types of bubinga, too) in or out of the country. Why... Read more »

Meinl Cymbals Byzance Transition Ride Cymbal Demo

Mike Johnston from MikesLessons.com presents his signature ride cymbal, the Meinl Byzance Transition Ride. This cymbal lets you effortlessly transition from articulate sticking to wide-open crashing — all without... Read more »

Meinl Cymbals Mike Johnston Byzance Cymbal Box Set Demo

Mike Johnston from MikesLessons.com presents his signature set of Meinl Cymbals. The Meinl Byzance Mike Johnston 4-piece Cymbal Package are the cymbals Mr. Johnston chooses to use for his standard setup when... Read more »

Peter Erskine on Shure Microphones

Producer/Engineer Mark Hornsby talks about using Shure microphones to record world-renowned drummer Peter Erskine here at Sweetwater Studios. The mic setup is actually the same combination of mics that Peter uses in... Read more »

Interview with Russ Miller

Nick D'Virgilio sits down with renowned drummer Russ Miller. He talks with Nick about what it takes to become a successful drummer in today's industry, and explains how jazz can play a crucial role in a young... Read more »

Peter Erskine on TAMA Snare Drums

World-renowned drummer Peter Erskine shares why TAMA snare drums are among his first-choice instruments. After the video, check out TAMA snare drums at Sweetwater here:... Read more »

Peter Erskine on Remo Drum Heads

World-renowned drummer Peter Erskine talks about why Remo drumheads are his drumheads of choice. After the video, shop Remo at Sweetwater here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/manufacturer/Remo Watch the making of... Read more »

Peter Erskine on Zildjian Cymbals

World-renowned drummer Peter Erskine talks about why Zildjian cymbals are among his instruments of choice. When alchemist Avedis Zildjian I set out to create gold by combining metals, he instead discovered an alloy... Read more »

Free Disc Makers Vocalist’s Guide

Our friends at Disc Makers have released their latest free guide for musicians. Entitled The Vocalist's Guide to Recording, Rehearsing, and Performing: Care and Maintenance for Singers in Every Genre, this guide is... Read more »

Electro-Voice ND Series Microphones Demo

Nick D'Virgilio presents the Electro-Voice ND series of microphones, and shares some tips on how to use them to capture exceptional drum tones. After the video, learn more about the microphones and other gear used... Read more »

Peter Erskine — The Return of DR.UM

Join world-renowned drummer Peter Erskine for a recording session at Sweetwater Studios. Widely known for his drumming with Weather Report, Steps Ahead, and other jazz icons, Peter Erskine shares his love of jazz as... Read more »