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Microphone Month 2

This Award-winning Mic Series Just Got Better

There is no doubt that Mojave’s MA series microphones have set a new standard for affordable, pro-quality mics. It all started with the MA-200, a cardioid tube condenser with a bold character that consistently outperformed microphones well above its price point. Mojave followed up on this success with the MA-201fet, a solid-state version of the MA-200, with a different sonic character and an even lower price point.

To expand the versatility of the MA series even further, Mojave has introduced the new MA-301fet, a multi-pattern version of the MA-201fet microphone. The MA-301fet sports omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8 polar patterns, as well as a -15dB pad and a bass roll-off filter. The selectable polar patterns open the MA-301fet up to a variety of recording possibilities, from using it to capture great room sound with its omnidirectional pattern to using it as the stereo component of mid-side recordings. Of course, the MA-301fet also has all the same sonic mojo that made the MA-200, the MA-201fet, and the MA-300 some of the most popular microphones around. There’s no doubt the MA-301fet will make plenty of amazing recordings too!

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