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The TriplePlay Gives Your Guitar Wireless Freedom!

If your primary instrument is guitar but you want to take advantage of MIDI and modern technology, then you’re in luck. Fishman’s TriplePlay wireless guitar controller makes it easy to turn your guitar into a virtual instrument controller, a composition tool, and more – with wireless convenience.

Attach the TriplePlay pickup and wireless transmitter to your guitar’s bridge and plug the thumb-drive-sized USB wireless receiver into your computer or iOS device – you’re ready to roll. This compact system works on both electric and acoustic guitars, so you can turn your favorite 6-string into a fast-tracking instrument controller. Software included with the TriplePlay lets you set up splits on your fretboard, so you can play different instrument patches on different sets of strings. And because you’re working with MIDI information, the TriplePlay lets you record accurate notation into your favorite notation software. In fact, this system ships with Notion Music’s Progression 2 composing software.

Recording is a snap, thanks to the TriplePlay’s powerful combination of wireless convenience and MIDI capability. You can record straight to your Mac, PC, or iOS device, without clunky cables or extra interfaces. Want to find out more? Call your Sales Engineer today!

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