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Microphone Month 5

Ten ways to prepare your band for top TV performance #5

Another in our series of tips on how to best get your band ready to make a television appearance.

What to do About Stage Monitors: Don’t presume that the sound team will have stage monitors for you. Many shows hire independent sound companies who bring only what they need to record the show. Invest in an in-ear monitor system that allows you to control your own monitor mix (or at least rent one for the night). Talk shows that have the occasional musical guest may not be set up to provide stage monitors, and you may have to depend on the house mix in order to hear yourself. Monitors such as Galaxy Hot Spots are great for TV. They’re an excellent sounding, highly portable monitor that are small and unobtrusive enough for the camera and provide a solution to the problem of too much sound pressure on stage interfering with ambience mics. Plus they also reduce the possibility of feedback — and nothing gets your performance edited out of a show like feedback.

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