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Ten ways to prepare your band for top TV performance #3

Another in our series of tips on how to best get your band ready to make a television appearance.

Better more than less: If you’re not sure what to bring with you, observe the Sweetwater technoid’s code: “When in doubt, bring everything.” (Actually our motto is “When in doubt, know everything.”) Seriously, bring the number stands and mics you normally use, not just for vocals, but for miking your band’s instruments as well. Trust us, the FOH engineer will thank you – television shows are mainly recorded with lavalier mics, and as such, don’t have extensive mic cabinets. Also, bring extra cables, guitar picks, batteries, extension cords, power strips, drumsticks, and etc. – any of these so-called minor things that can stop your show cold. There is no running to a music store at the last minute, especially in a strange town.

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