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Ten ways to prepare your band for top TV performance #2

Another in our series of tips on how to best get your band ready to make a television appearance.

2. Don’t assume that the house will provide, or even have everything you need. Also, don’t presume that that the person who booked your act can properly communicate your equipment list to the sound(wo)man. Do not use your “winging it privileges.” Make sure that you send an equipment rider (see WFTD) well in advance to the producer, director, and most importantly, make sure the FOH engineer gets a copy. A best-case scenario would be to talk directly to the sound person. Remember, their name will appear in the credits. It is in their best interests and yours to be prepared with the necessary number of inputs, stands, cables, direct boxes, and other ancillary equipment necessary. Also, an equipment rider guarantees that the tech crew will be on the same page, which will allow for a faster and smoother setup.

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