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Using the TD-100 and TLA-50 together for a great guitar or bass channel.

So, finally got your DAW, the studio quality plug-ins, the control surface, in short, everything you need to make great recordings, so how come, when you record your guitar or bass, it doesn’t sound so great? One of the most common complaints about digital recording is that it sounds cold and sterile. While this is not always the case, the secret to making great recordings in a project studio is having at least one world-class analog input channel.

For a great (and very reasonably priced) bass or guitar channel, try using the Summit Audio TD-100 instrument preamp and tube direct box in conjunction with the Summit TLA-50 limiter.

Plug your instrument into the front panel of the TD-100 and run an XLR or 1/4″ cable from the output of the TD-100 to the input of the TLA-50. Use the 1/4″ out put of the TD-100 into the TLA-50 to go directly from the TLA-50 to your audio interface (or recording device), or use the XLR output of the TD-100 into the TLA-50 and patch the XLR output of the TLA-50 into the XLR input of your audio interface. (Or, into a microphone preamp, then into your recording device.)

Set the TLA-50’s gain reduction to “0” with the unit in “In” mode (not bypassed). All audio will then pass through the vacuum tube without compressing. Adding a small amount of compression at this point will increase the high frequency response.

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