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TASCAM Releases GigaStudio 3.2

Not that long ago, GigaStudio was the most powerful computer-based sampler on the planet – in fact, it walked off with a TEC Award in 2005 for Musical Instrument Technology. Since then, lots of manufacturers have followed the Giga lead, but most are still playing “catch up.” Now TASCAM has released GigaStudio version 3.2, which is required to play the hot new GigaViolin instrument. But while they were at it, TASCAM engineers also made Giga’s sampler engine run 20-35% faster and more efficiently when playing back 24-bit instruments. Other fixes and improvements in this new release include:

  • Incorrect dependencies between Envelope 1 and Envelope 2, which could cause incorrect decays, have been corrected.
  • Rare instances of GigaStudio crashing when rendering GigaPulse “through groups” have been fixed.
  • Previously the “Rebuild this folder recursively” function in the Quick Sound database wouldn’t rebuild all the folders within the selected folder. This has been fixed and status indication has been added.
  • Rare instances of instruments linked on Multi-Ports with release triggers having their releases get terminated prematurely, and possibly causing a pop, have been fixed.

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