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Does the Tascam MX-2424’s monitoring system function much like a tape machine?

“I’ve heard that Tascam’s MX-2424 works a lot like a tape machine. Is this true for monitoring functions as well as playback/recording controls?”

There are three basic input monitoring modes, Auto Input On, Auto Input Off and Rehearse. While the MX-2424 is set to default in Auto Input On mode (just like a traditional tape machine), the additional modes are extremely helpful in various studio situations.

Auto Input On Mode
In the Auto Input On mode, your MX-2424 will monitor an incoming signal just like a traditional tape machine. When you record enable a track (using a Track Select button), the input to that track is heard. When you enter play by pressing the [Play] button, you hear playback of previously recorded material already on the track. Pressing [Record] causes the track to begin recording and you again hear the incoming signal. This is the default mode and will work for most situations.

Auto Input Off Mode
The Auto Input Off mode allows you to monitor the incoming signal no matter what mode the transport is in. For example, it is sometimes necessary to compare previously recorded sound on a track to new sound in order to punch in new parts matching the sound from a previous day.

Rehearse Key Mode
This mode allows one-button (REH) or two-button (REH+PLAY) “rehearse” modes to be selected. Rehearse mode will switch any track that is record-enabled to input for monitoring new audio without recording it.

  • Rehearse + Play: In this mode [PLAY] must be held down and [REH] pressed exactly when it is desired to enter rehearse mode. To punch out press the [PLAY] alone. (This is the default setting.)
  • Rehearse: In this mode [REH] alone is used to punch into rehearse mode. To punch out press [PLAY] alone.

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