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Take Control Over StudioLive AI-series Loudspeakers

PreSonus has released the free SL Room Control, a system-control and performance-monitoring app for Mac, Windows, and iOS. SL Room Control can be thought of as a software equivalent to a rackmount loudspeaker management system; it can be used via Ethernet or wirelessly.

The software comprises a suite of advanced controls for StudioLive AI speakers, including alignment (up to 500ms delay), room compensation (8-band parametric EQ), feedback elimination eight notch filters), mute, solo, input level control, and more. Set ups can be saved, edited, recalled, and shared, along with custom labels and comments for each speaker. Speakers can be grouped to manage specific sections of a system. Remote monitoring helps spot overheating, driver over excursion, and signal overload to keep the system running clean and safe.

Sl Room Control is free to registered StudioLive AI loudspeaker owners.

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