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Takamine’s LTD2003 limited edition guitar

Takamine’s new LTD2003 limited edition guitar features an impressive “eagle in flight” rosette and “eagle eye” fretboard inlays for a look that is unique and stunning! Let your music take flight today!

Steinberg is offering a $50 rebate when you purchase Cubase SL for PC and Mac. Cubase SL is the successor to Cubase VST, the most successful Cubase in the line’s history. Cubase SL offers musicians a perfect software solution for their project studios, including digital audio, MIDI sequencing, intelligent MIDI input and processing tools, virtual instruments and a wealth of effects that allow music creation and production at the highest technical level. Get great software – get money back from Steinberg!

Waves Update Plan
Hold on to your hats campers… Waves V.4 is available for purchase! Waves has introduced a new way to keep updated on all the current versions on a yearly basis. So, how does it work? The Waves Update Plan (WUP) provides you access to Waves version 4, as well as version updates for a FULL YEAR on all the products you have registered in your account. The WUP pricing is a scaled payment based only on the products you own. With a one year enrollment to Waves Update Plan you will receive all the exciting features contained in the version updates for that entire year. Waves version 4 is the latest version release for the entire Waves product line. Version 4 continues Waves tradition of keeping its processors up to date with the latest technology. Please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information on how you can take advantage of the Waves Update Plan to get your plug-ins up to the latest and greatest!

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