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Synthogy Ivory Velocity Response (Part 2 of 2): Customizing a Velocity Map

Ivory has a deep level of velocity control that allows the you to create your own custom velocity maps. These features include the ability to choose a velocity curve, change the shape, and scale the curve using minimum and maximum velocity offsets. Ivory allows you to find the perfect marriage between your MIDI/USB controller and Ivory’s response to your touch. Here’s how you can do this:

Let’s start with the default map. Before you customize any velocity maps, you should determine the range of MIDI values your controller is capable of sending. Not all controllers send the full range of MIDI velocity values (0-127). You can quickly determine this by using the “Set” button on the Ivory Velocity page. You will be prompted to play your softest and loudest notes, in succession, from your controller. This will give you a range of minimum and maximum velocity values to use with your controller. You can then use the minimum and maximum velocity controls to tweak those values from there, but the “Set” button will give you a clearer picture of what your controller is sending.

Next, choose an Arc Type. Try using either the Medium or Mild Arc Type, as these are the most useful curves for most weighted action keyboard controllers. Then adjust the Hardness control. In many cases you will only want to adjust the Hardness control by a small amount. If you want to improve the smoothness of your performance playing at soft to medium velocities, you can try further adjusting the Min Velocity knob in small amounts. This is usually all that is required. Your fingers and your ears will tell you when you have it right. Once you have created a map you like, you can name and save the map with your custom settings!

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