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Sweetwater Welcomes Telefunken Elektroakustik


For over a century, the Telefunken name has stood for excellence and innovation in professional audio. And we’re thrilled to now offer their full line of microphones here at Sweetwater! Telefunken’s influence on modern recording runs deep, reaching back to 1947 and the legendary U47 tube condenser mic. In 1960, Telefunken shook up the recording industry again with the ELA M 251, which remains one of the world’s most sought-after condenser mics.

In 2000, Telefunken brought back the ELA M 251 after an extended absence, which kicked off a renaissance in Telefunken mics. The high-end studio mics that followed comprise Telefunken’s elite Diamond series, which also includes historically accurate reproductions of the classic U47 and C12 tube mics. Each of these amazing microphones delivers the character of a true vintage favorite.

Along with the Diamond series, Telefunken also inaugurated their affordable R-F-T series. R-F-T microphones, such as the AR-51 and AK-47, feature traditional Telefunken components such as the output transformer from the C12 and new-old-stock EF-732 tubes, which gives them the depth, air, and clarity of Telefunken’s top mics. Then there’s the Dynamic series mics, including the industry-leading M80 handheld vocal mic.

Telefunken offers microphones for every live and studio application, and we’re proud to present the full lineup here at Sweetwater! Call your Sales Engineer now!

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