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Sweetwater’s new ‘Plug-In Kitchen’ today announced the release of Minute Audio.

Sweetwater’s new ‘Plug-In Kitchen’ today announced the release of Minute Audio, the solution for harried composers who need to cook up authentic musical styles at a moment’s notice.

Adam Cohen, Sweetwater’s Senior Director of Marketing explained the concept: “There are so many plug-ins that claim to offer fatter sound, crunchy distortion, meat-and-potatoes compression, etc. that we felt there was a need for something different. Minute Audio is the first plug-in to deliver actual music on a plate for our customers.”

Through use of a remarkably simple ingredient, Minute Audio interacts “chemically” with the composer’s original input to produce convincing Italian, Asian, Mexican, and Cajun-Style music in just one minute. The composer can determine what level of “spiciness” the resulting audio will have by adjusting a number of “ingredients” parameters in the package.

Working on a research and development grant from the FDA, Sweetwater Plug-in Kitchen programmers endeavored to make the offerings as authentic as possible while maintaining the single minute time limit. “We found that more complex flavors tended to get ‘cold’ and ‘sticky’ when we went over the time limit,” said David Stewart, project director. “To get real ‘steaming’ fresh audio, it was necessary to compress certain key ingredients in the mix stage.”

Stewart pointed out that Minute Audio, while compatible with VST, TDM, MAS and AU host applications, does void computer users’ warranties when the main catalyst, water, is applied to the plug-in. However, he pointed that many project studio owners are already using their CPUs as hot plates, so the issue is simply one of application switching. “We know that our core customers are accustomed to macaroni-and-cheese-based applications, so this is not a big leap.”

Minute Audio is available in small, medium and large sizes. A special bundle will include a saucepan and a set of plastic forks.

The plug-in will be available in time for summer gigging/touring and picnic season.

Happy April Fools Day from the folks at Sweetwater!

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