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Sweetwater Exclusive “Electric Vortex” TonePrint Demo

Mitch Gallagher and Tore Mogensen, Guitar Product Manager for TC Electronics, create a TonePrint for the Vortex flanger pedal based on the original Electric Mistress chorus/flanger by ehx. This cool pedal has been heard on numerous classic recordings and is known for its subtle, but very lush flanger that sounds almost “chorussy”. The Electric Mistress TonePrint recreates that much sought after sound and includes the ability to control the delay time to get brighter or deeper flanging tones. Set all controls at noon to get the tone of the original pedal.
Enjoy the demo, then download the Electric Vortex TonePrint for free right here: http://www.tcelectronic.com/toneprintdownload.asp?AjrDcmntId=12854
And to learn all about the TC Electronics Vortex Flanger, click here: www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Vortex/

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