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Sweetwater Exclusive “Dimension M” TonePrint Demo

Mitch Gallagher and Tore Mogensen, Guitar Product Manager for TC Electronics, create a TonePrint for the Corona Chorus pedal based on Mitch’s Dimension M effect pedal. The vintage Boss Dimension C stompbox is one of the weirdest pedals ever made. With no knobs whatsoever (just 4 preset buttons), it didn’t give users a lot of options when it came to dialing in a sound. But that didn’t stop L.A. studio guitar players from placing them on their pedalboards (or rather, rack trays) to get that famous lush 80s clean chorus sound. The Dimension M TonePrint is a recreation of that classic pedal, right down to the preset concept. Use the depth control to toggle between the four “virtual presets” of the Dimension C. Turned all the way back, you’ll get preset one, 10 o’clock is preset two, 2 o’clock is preset three and cranked will give you preset four. Unlike the the original Dimension C, you can actually subtly change the chorus sound by using the speed and tone control. But to capture the sound of the original pedal, set the speed and tone at noon, crank the FX level and use the depth knob to toggle through the presets.
Enjoy the demo, then download this TonePrint for free right here: http://www.tcelectronic.com/toneprintdownload.asp?AjrDcmntId=12856
And learn more about the TC Electronic Corona Chorus right here: www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Corona

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