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SuperNATURAL Percussion Sounds with the NEW HPD-20

Digital hand drums just got better. Roland’s HandSonic HPD-20 electronic percussion instrument will amaze you with its incredibly responsive nature, thanks to Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound technology. The amazing SuperNATURAL sounds are designed to respond to every nuance of your playing for an incredibly natural playing experience. From delicate finger rolls and flams to advanced hand-drumming techniques, the HPD-20 simply sounds amazing. The HandSonic HPD-20 gives you 200 drum kits and 850 instruments to play via its 13 velocity/pressure-sensitive pads.

From some of the most natural-sounding congas, bongos, and tablas to hard-hitting electronic sounds, you’ll be able to groove in any style you want with the HandSonic HPD-20. You can also import up to 500 of your own WAV samples to customize your kits. Once you import your sounds, you can use the built-in effects and editing features like you would with the factory sounds. You can also load loops and phrases to play along with, starting and stopping the loop with the touch of a pad. The Roland HandSonic HPD-20 blurs the line between acoustic and electronic percussion!

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