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Microphone Month

Summer NAMM ’04 Online Report – 4 of 4

Edirol PCR-M1

The PCR-M1 from Edirol is and incredibly slim device is based on the highly-popular PCR-1, but lacks the audio I/O of the PCR-1 and adds a number of new MIDI features to make it more analogous to the larger PCR-series MIDI controllers.

Like the PCR-30, 50 & 80, the PCR-M1 includes a 1×1 MIDI interface, sustain pedal connection, and expression pedal connection. Unlike any other PCR-series controller, the PCR-M1 offers a rotary encoder that can be assigned to a number controls including scrolling control maps, adjusting velocity, changing MIDI channels, & more. The PCR-M1 also includes three different options for drawing power: 1) USB-Powered, 2) AC Adapter (optional), and 3) Powered by 4 AAA batteries. Cool.

The PCR-M1 uses Edirol & Roland’s S.L.I.M. technology to offer a very nice playable action with a very short throw & very little side-to-side play in the keys. It may be small, but this feature-packed device is NO TOY!

The PCR-M1 measures a mere 1-3/16″ thick & weighs just 2 lbs. 11 oz. It comes with a protective neoprene sleeve to protect it in travel.


  • 25 Standard Width Velocity-Sensitive Key

  • S.L.I.M. Keyboard

  • Thin (28 mm / 1-3/16″), Light (1.5 kg / 2 lbs. 11 oz) Bod

  • 27 Full Assignable Controllers: 8 Knobs, 6 Buttons, and 2 Pedal Port

  • Separate Pitch Bender & Modulation Control

  • 16 Control Map Memory Location

  • MIDI In/Out Port

  • Expression and Sustain Pedal Ports – (with included _” adapters

  • 3-way Power Supply: USB/Battery/AC Adapto

  • Downloadable Memory Sets – via www.edirol.com

  • PCR Editor Software

  • Gig Bag

  • V-LINK

Edirol UA-25

The UA-25, packaged in a durable metal casing, is bus-powered and transports both audio and MIDI signals to and from the computer all through a single USB connection. It offers phantom power mic preamps on the TRS/XLR combo inputs for use with premium microphones; a Hi-Z switch to bring a guitar or bass in without the need for a direct box; Digital In to bring in DAT and Mini Disc, RCA, TRS Balanced, and Digital Output to send the signal to any audio destination. Adding quality to this flexibility, the UA-20 offers balanced +4 dBu inputs & outputs. In addition, the UA-25 includes a Direct Monitoring switch that allows the user to hear the recording in real time, as well as a “MONO” setting to hear phasing issues or monitor a single source through both the left and right headphone.

The most differentiating feature on the UA-25 is the “Limiter” function which adds mild compression to the analog inputs. This reduces the likelihood of clipping and makes the UA-25 a great audio interface for remote recording where a clean audio recording is a must and a second take is not an option. The UA-25 has a unique low-noise, wide-range power supply which allows the UA-25 to realize a higher quality than ever before in a USB-powered audio interface.

Samson Rubicon Active Ribbon Studio Monitors

Samson Rubicon Active Ribbon Studio Monitors feature 2-inch Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducers that compliment a 2-way active system capable of reproducing playback in its most natural form. Ribbon drivers have no resonant color and are non-dispersive unlike a tradition diaphragm tweeter. The ribbon driver itself has no added sound characteristics, in technical terms; there is no addition or subtraction to the harmonics of the sound they are producing, they are completely neutral. Ribbon technology gives you clean accurate and precise listening, which is why these monitors sound so natural and lifelike, just like a studio monitor should.

The Rubicon 5a’s feature a bi-amped power section offering 50 Watts to a newly designed 5-inch inverted cone low-frequency driver and 25 Watts to the high frequency ribbon. The Rubicon 6a’s step up the power with 75 Watts pushing a new 6-inch low-frequency driver with 25 Watts for the high frequency ribbon. Both two-way systems are house in a shelf-ported wood enclosure with balanced 1/4″ and XLR input connections. There is also a 4-segment high frequency lift control that allows the listener to dial in the ribbon tweeter to their preferred level.


  • 2-inch Velocity Ribbon High Frequency Transducer

  • 5-inch Inverted Cone Low Frequency Driver with Butyl Surround

  • Bi-Amp Power: 50 Watts LF / 25 Watts HF

  • 4-position high frequency Level Control

  • Tuned Shelf-Ported Enclosure

Samson 8KIT Drum Mic

The latest drum mic package from Samson has been designed to accommodate the growing number of drummers who like to use full-size condenser mics as overheads. The Samson 8KIT is a package perfect for micing a full size drum kit in any studio or live setting. The 8Kit features two large diaphragm C01 Condensers for overhead imaging, 3 Q-Tom microphones with integrated rim mount clips perfect for dynamic tom micing, 1 Q-Snare with integrated rim mount clip for precise snare drum micing, the popular Q-Kick for capturing the low end attack of the bass drum and a new C02H Mini Pencil Condenser Mic for hi-hat or ride Cymbal. All of the microphones in the 8Kit feature Gold-plated XLR connections and come packaged in a rugged road case for easy travel and storage.


  • Complete microphone package ideal for micing drums in a studio or live environment.

  • 2 C01 Large Diaphragm Condensers for overheads

  • 3 Q-Toms for dynamic tom micing with integrated rim mount clip

  • 1 Q-Snare with integrated rim mount clip for precise snare drum micing

  • 1 Q-Kick perfect for capture the low-end attack of bass drums

  • 1 C02H Mini-Pencil Condenser for hi-hat or ride cymbals

  • All microphones feature Gold-plated XLR connections

  • Complete kit comes packed in a rugged road case

Samson RS15s & RS18s

The Resound RS15s and RS18s are the newest additions to Samson’s new Resound line of PA cabinets. Like the rest of the line, the new subs are rugged, great sounding, and affordable. They are also well designed, well balanced, and surprisingly compact and light weight considering the amount of muscle built-in.

The RS15s features a 15-inch Heavy-duty long excursion low-frequency driver with 3-inch voice coil, capable of handling 400 Watts of continuous power at 4 Ohms. The RS18s features an 18-inch Heavy-duty long excursion driver with 4-inch voice coil with 400 Watts of continuous power handling at 4 Ohms.

The RS15s and RS18s are the perfect compliments to a pair of Resound RS10 or RS12 cabinets for use in a sub/satellite PA system. Both Resound Subs feature Tuned, ported enclosures with rugged carpeting and satellite pole mount socket as well as Speakon and 1/4 inch parallel input connections.


  • Resound RS18s – 18″ Subwoofer

  • 18-inch passive subwoofer

  • 400 Watts continuous power handling at 4 Ohms

  • Frequency Response of 35Hz – 250Hz

  • Heavy-duty long excursion low-frequency driver with 4-inch voice coil

  • Speakon® and 1/4 inch parallel inputs

  • Tuned, ported enclosure with rugged carpeting and satellite pole-mount socket

Squier Squier ’51

The all-new Squier ’51 is a value-priced screamer offering unique looks and functionality. Its clean appearance belies its true nature, with tonal possibilities galore (via its rotary selector and push-pull coil tap).


  • BODY: Basswood

  • NECK: Maple, C-Shape, (Polyurethane Finish)

  • FINGERBOARD: Maple, 9.5″ Radius (241 mm)

  • NO. OF FRETS: 21 Medium Jumbo

  • SCALE LENGTH: 25.5″ (648 mm)

  • WIDTH AT NUT: 1.650″ (42 mm)

  • HARDWARE: Chrome

  • MACHINE HEADS: Standard Die-Cast Tuners

  • BRIDGE: Hard-tail 6-Saddle Bridge

  • PICKGUARD: 1-Ply White

  • PICKUPS: 1 Single-Coil Strat® Pickup (Neck),

  • 1 Hot Humbucking Pickup (Bridge)

  • PICKUP SWITCHING: 3-Position Rotary Selector Switch, (On Master Tone Pot), Push/Pull Coil Selector Switch (On Master Volume Pot)

  • CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone

  • COLORS: (503) 2-Color Sunburst,

  • (506) Black,

  • (507) Vintage Blonde,

  • (Polyurethane Finish)

  • STRINGS: Fender Super 250L, (.009 to .042) Nickel Plated Steel p/n 073-0250-003

  • UNIQUE FEATURES: Telecaster Headstock, Vintage Tinted Neck, 1-Ply White ’51 Style Pickguard, Chrome ’51 Control Plate, Knurled Chrome Dome Control Knobs, Dot Position Inlays.

Takamine Flame Maple Jumbos

Takamine’s sound just got a bit bigger with the introduction of a new range of Flame Maple jumbos. This natural blond beauty (model EF250SMC), features a cutaway; acoustic electric jumbo body with solid Sitka Spruce top and solid figured Maple back. Its Ebony fretboard is highlighted by a classic block inlay pattern. When plugged in power is provided by Takamine’s amazing CTP-1 Cool Tube preamp which truly enhances the harmonic richness and dynamic range of these versatile designs.

Takamine’s EF250SMCSB is a vintage three-tone sunburst version of this stunning instrument.

TC Helicon VoiceLive

As a performing musician, you strive to assemble the right mix of gear to make your performances shine – but what about your voice? This is something that I’ve personally wondered about for years.

In the studio you polish your vocals to perfection using EQ, compression, pitch correction, harmonies and effects. VoiceLive from TC-Helicon brings your signature vocal sound on the road, putting your studio voice tools at your feet.

The EQ, compression, delay and reverb algorithms boast renowned TC-Quality that professionals have come to expect. VoiceLive also contains the best harmony, correction and doubling algorithms from TC-Helicon’s acclaimed rack mounted vocal processor, VoiceWorks.

VoiceLive from TC-Helicon is a fantastic unit for the vocalist who gigs live. It places studio-quality tools in the hands, or feet, of singers everywhere.

Maple Lake 2600 Series

While tooled and manufactured overseas, the Maple Lake brand of guitars is the brain-child of famed guitar designer, Abe Wechter. Wanting to create an even more affordable line of guitars than his highly successful line of Wechter Guitars, Abe has brought to Sweetwater Maple Lakes guitars and they look and sound fantastic, yet come in at a price that many financially-challenged musicians will enjoy. The Maple Lake 2600 series is the new kid on the block and it features a stunning Lacewood back and sides and gorgeous Spruce top. It really is a fantastic looking guitar that is available in four body styles: Dreadnought Cutaway, Grand Auditorium Cutaway, Parlor and Jumbo.


  • Spruce Top

  • Lacewood Back and Sides

  • Mahogany Neck

  • Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge

  • Tortoise Shell Binding

  • Natural Gloss Finish

  • Diecast Chrome Tuners

  • Premium Coated Strings

  • Deluxe Padded Gig Bag included

  • Final setup and electronics installation

Zoom MRS-8

An incredibly full-featured and compact recording device, the new MRS-8 Digital 8-Track from Zoom offers an astounding array of recording features at the incredible street price of $349. The MRS-8 is an 8-track digital recorder with a huge array of Multi-effects, Digital Mixer and a built-in Drum/Bass Machine with Touch-Sensitive pads.

With 8 physical tracks, each with 10 V-takes, you have up to 80 virtual recording tracks. The MRS-8 has 2-track simultaneous recording at an optional non-compressed, 16 bit linear, 44.1 sampling rate with 24-bit AD/DA resolution, which records to affordable SD memory cards, currently compatible up to 1 GB. The MRS-8 comes with a 128MB SD card.

The MRS-8 has simultaneous playback of 8 audio tracks plus the drum and bass tracks, a Sequence Play function that allows a number of songs to be played back continuously and a Dedicated Master Track for mix-down, so there is no need for an external master recorder. Connection-wise, the MRS-8 has everything you need including a 1/4-inch Hi-Z input for Guitar, a built-in front panel mini-condenser microphone, an XLR combo jack for an external microphone or line level signal, stereo RCA master outputs, headphone out, and MIDI out so MIDI Time Code or MIDI clock can be sent for synchronizing with external devices.

The unit’s internal effects are handled by Zoom’s famous multi-effects including, 8 algorithms and 100 effect types including BPM sync, ARRM and Mastering effects. Seamless Digital Track Editing functions include, COPY, ERASE, TRIM, FADE I/O, and REVERSE as well as Auto punch-in/out and Track bounce functions.


  • Portable, all-in-one Multi-track Recorder with Multi-effects, Digital Mixer, Drum/Bass Machine with Touch-sensitive Pads

  • 8 Physical Tracks each with 10 V-takes, totaling 80 Virtual Tracks

  • 2-Track simultaneous recording with non-compressed, 16 bit linear, 44.1 sampling

  • Hi-Z input for Guitar/Bass and XLR Input for external dynamic microphone

  • Built-in Mini-condenser Microphone

  • High-quality PCM Drum/Bass sounds with over 500 pre-programmed Rhythm Patterns

  • Records to SD Media Cards, compatible to 1 GB or more. 128MB card included.

Zoom Fire 18M & 36M

The new Fire 18M and Fire 36M amplifier combo’s feature Zoom’s legendary multi-effects processing and new built-in microphones with direct recording outputs.

Exclusive Built-in Microphone An innovative concept, the new Fire amps feature ultra-small Mini-condenser microphones mounted on the grilles, in front of the speaker cone. A dedicated pre-amp then provides a true mic’d cabinet tone for recording or live sound.

Record with the Direct Output From the Mic Output signal from the mic pre-amp is directly routed to the XLR recording output, so you can send the microphone signal directly to your recording source or PA system. The line signal can also be mixed with the XLR out, so you can blend your direct and mic’d signals. The FIRE-36M has two mics mounted in different grille positions in front of the speaker cone. The signal from each can mixed to get a desired balance between the two mics.

The Fire 18M features 18 Watts powering a new and improved 8-inch driver with extended low-end frequency response. The internal Zoom processing allows for 11 built-in amp models with 5 effects modules and 17 effect types, giving you 10 user programmable patches and 10 preset patches. Also included are three bands of EQ, auto chromatic tuner, auxiliary input, and headphone jack. The 18M features a single ultra-small condenser microphone mounted in the grill, positioned in front of the speaker cone. A dedicated pre-amp simulates a instrument oriented mic performance, so you can easily get a true miced cabinet recording time and time again.

The Fire 36M features 36 Watts of power and a new 10-inch driver with extended low frequency response. The 36M boasts 22 built-in amp models with 7 effects modules and 19 effect types, allowing 10 user programmable patches and 20 factory presets. The 36M features 2 ultra-small infinity microphones mounted in front of the speaker cone with a dedicated pre-amp output section for great sounding direct output recordings. The Fire 36M also features a Power Damp switch that lets you play at low volumes without losing the tone of your selected effects.

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