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Should I Use High-pass and Low-pass Filters When Mixing?

Q: I saw the Tech Tip about using a high-pass filter when mixing to clean up the low end. Should I also be using a low-pass filter to clean up the high end?

A: If there is noise or other problematic material in the highs that you would like to remove, then a low-pass filter may be of benefit. However, it is often harder to clean up the highs using a filter without impacting the desired material. So the answer is “it depends.” Our advice is to try it on tracks and sources where you feel you can (and need to) remove high-frequency noise without affecting the source material and see if you like the results.

The benefits of using a high-pass filter when mixing are generally much more dramatic than the benefits from using a low-pass filter, because of the recovered headroom and reduction in muddiness when the lows are cleaned up with the high-pass.

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