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Setting up your XV5080 to receive 32 MIDI parts.

“How do I set my Roland XV-5080 up to receive and play all 32 parts?”

According to the Sweetwater Technical Support department the XV-5080 first needs to have MIDI connections to both MIDI inputs (MIDI IN 1, MIDI IN 2). It can then respond to 16 MIDI channels from each input.

If you’re using a software sequencer to play the XV-5080, you’ll generally need to create TWO XV-5080’s in your midi setup: One for parts 1-16, and a second for parts 17-32. The XV-5080 must be in Performance mode, to receive on multiple channels. User Performance #64 is already setup to receive 32 midi channels and play all 32 parts. If User Perf 64 is not responding correctly, try initializing the XV-5080.

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