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Setting up the Tascam FW-1884 with MOTU’s DP4!

Q: “How to I set up the Tascam FW-1884 to work with Digital Performer 4?”

A: Start by making sure you have the latest version of of DP4 (download at www.motu.com), and the latest OSX drivers for the FW-1884 drivers (download at www.tascam.com). Recent updates have improved functionality of this combination considerably. From there, follow these steps and you’ll be in recording, editing and mixing heaven!

  1. Once updates are installed, launch the “FW-1884 Manager” found in the Applications folder of your Mac HD.
  2. On the “Settings” page, set “Control Protocol” to “FW-1884 Native”, then quit the FW-1884 Manager.
  3. Launch Digital Performer and open or create a project.
  4. From the SETUP menu, choose Configure Audio System >>> Configure Hardware Driver. In the CoreAudio list, locate and click “Tascam FW-1884” so that it is highlighted. Then click OK.
  5. This tells DP4 to use the 1884’s audio inputs and outputs.
  6. Return the SETUP menu, and choose “Open Audio MIDI Setup.” In the MIDI page, simply look to verify that the “FW-1884” is automatically detected. You don’t need to create or change anything here, as long as the FW-1884 is detected.
  7. Quit AudioMIDI Setup (AMS).
  8. Once again, go to the SETUP menu, and choose “Control Surface Setup.”
  9. Click the “+” button to add a control surface. Set the “Driver” to “FW-1884” and “MIDI” to “FW-1884 Control Port, channel 1”.
  10. Click OK in the Control Surface setup window.
  11. Watch DP4’s mixing board for faders to respond when you move FW1884 faders; and for FW1884 faders to respond when you move DP4 faders on screen.

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