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Satriani Signature Marshalls

The long-rumored Joe Satriani Signature JVM410HJS Marshall amplifiers were announced at the recent Frankfurt Musikmesse tradeshow. Based on the JVM410H model, Satriani’s personal specifications have been applied to the new amp to open up the sound and the reshape the tonal profiles of each channel and mode. For example, the clean channel is tailored to match the Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100, while the crunch channel closely matches the Slash AFD amp.

Rather than four reverb knobs, the new Satriani signature amps feature four noise gates, one for each channel. The two overdrive channels have a new mid-shift control that moves the midrange frequency from 650Hz to 500Hz. The gain levels of the overdrive channels have also been tweaked to Satch’s specs. In addition, the effects loop has been simplified, the presence control has been modified, all in Satriani’s personal quest for a versatile amp that can recreate any kind of Marshall tone.

The new Marshall duplicates the hand-customized 100-watt amplifier used by Satriani to Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards as well as Chickenfoot III.

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