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Safety on the Job: Rigging is Serious Business!

Imagine this: you’re working a weekend party in a large warehouse. For the best sound coverage, you decide to hang your loudspeakers from the overhead beams. They look strong and secure, and although there’s no mounting hardware on your enclosures, the handles seem sturdy enough. What could possibly go wrong? Before you say, “It could never happen” – it DOES happen, and the lucky ones are those not injured or worse when speakers come crashing down at 3 a.m.

We want to caution you that flying your speakers – called “rigging” in the pro world – is not something to do carelessly! If you’re setting up in a large venue or doing a permanent “hang,” be safe and hire a professional rigger to approve the hardware and perform the installation.

We know the handles on the SRM450 or the JBL EON enclosures seem convenient, but you should NEVER fly any cabinet by using the handles. They aren’t safety rated for this purpose. SRM450s and Samson dB500a cabinets have built-in rigging points. If your venue does not have trussing installed, be careful about trusting structural beams. There aren’t official standards, but manufacturers including JBL, Mackie and Meyer Sound specify that the minimum load rating of rigging hardware is at least five times the actual weight of the enclosure.

One more tip – whether you’re flying your speakers or just positioning them in an inaccessible location, complete your sound check first and make necessary settings changes that live on the enclosures. You’ll save hours of time and labor!

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