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Roland V-Drums “Cross Stick” Sound vs. Technique


Acoustic drummers who try Roland’s mesh-head V-Drums kits for the first time are usually impressed by the natural feel and response. They find they don’t have to make much of an adjustment to effectively play on the electronic kit.

There are, however, some instances in which conventional drumming techniques don’t directly translate to their electronic counterparts. One such element on Roland kits is the “cross stick” (or rimclick, or side stick) sound. While on an acoustic snare drum this technique involves resting the stick hand on the head of the drum as the stick taps on the rim, that approach has the potential to confuse the dual triggers on a drum trigger. Instead, Roland advises you to keep your hand completely off of the head. If you accidentally strike the head and rim at the same time, it’s possible to trigger the rimshot sound instead. You can simply tap your stick on the rim without laying the stick across the head to trigger the cross stick sound.

On the TD-20, some of the kits that include this sound are number 3, METAL, 4 JazzCombo, and 13 Antique.

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