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Roland Fantom-X6 Review

This is a great keyboard for live performances, on stage with the band or in a house of worship.

I recently had the opportunity to take the Roland Fantom-X6 home for a few days and kick the tires a bit. It has been a while since I last used a keyboard workstation, so I was immediately impressed with the color LCD display and the inclusion of the 16 trigger pads. The color LCD is helpful in adding context and grouping to the user interface that simply cannot be achieved using a single color display.

The Roland Fantom-X6 has an extensive sound set that includes over a thousand sounds that would work well in a variety of musical situations. This is a great keyboard for live performances, on stage with the band or in a house of worship. The sounds range from orchestral to emulations of classic analog sounds.

The Roland Fantom-X6 is loaded with great controllers. To start with, the D-beam controller can be used to trigger its own solo synth, which would provide a unique flare to any keyboard solo. D-Beam can also be used to trigger samples and is assignable to manipulate the sounds on the keyboard. The 16 velocity/aftertouch sensitive pads allow you to trigger samples, capture chords, and rhythmic patterns.

But by far, the most significant benefit of the Roland Fantom-X6 in my humble opinion, is Skip Back Sampling. Have you ever had musical inspiration strike while noodling around on the keyboard. Then, when you go back to recapture the moment, you can not recreate it? Skip Back Sampling is your solution. The Roland Fantom-X6 is always recording what you are playing and if you come across an idea press Skip Back and the keyboard captures every detail of your performance as a sample.

I think the Roland offers a great keyboard that fosters the creative process. The Roland Fantom-X6 is an unbelieveable notepad to capture your next song. Just turn on the keyboard and try to keep up with the inspiration.

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