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RJM Music Mini Effects Gizmo Loops

Q: I’m very interested in the RJM Music Mini Effect Gizmo for my pedalboard. But I’m confused. The box has five loops. How come when you run some of the loops in front of your amp and some of the loops in the amp’s effects loop there are only four loops? Your site says you can have 1+3, 2+2, or 3+1 loops (in front and in the effects loop respectively). What happened to the fifth loop?

A: When you are routing signals both into the front of your amplifier and through the amp’s effects loop using the Mini Effect Gizmo, you have to sacrifice one of the Gizmo’s loops to route to the two destinations.

It works like this:

Guitar –> Gizmo input

Gizmo Loop 1 — pedal one (in front of amp)
Gizmo Loop 2 — pedal two (in front of amp)
Gizmo Loop 3 — loop send jack goes to amp input. The loop 3 return jack receives signal from the amp’s effects loop send.
Gizmo Loop 4 — pedal three (in amp’s effects loop)
Gizmo Loop 5 — pedal four (in amp’s effects loop)

Gizmo output –> amp’s effects loop return.

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