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Rivera Makes Your Amp Sound Huge, Without the Huge Volume Levels

Everybody loves big amp tones. But not everybody loves the volume levels needed to achieve that sweet spot. How do you get your amp’s power section cooking in the studio, onstage, or during rehearsal – without melting eardrums? The renowned amp makers at Rivera answer that question with two incredible tools to maximize your tone and keep volume levels under control.

SilentSisterLet’s start with the Rivera Rock Crusher. This amazing power attenuator/load box doesn’t just keep your output levels manageable; it lets you plug your amp straight into a recording device, with impressive results. Put the Rock Crusher between your amp and speaker, and you’ll be able to crank up and push your power section while keeping your volume levels under control. This is a perfect setup for the studio or a small live stage. The Rock Crusher’s attenuation and level controls rein in your amp without compromising your tone. Edge and Warm EQ switches let you add sparkle or tame fizziness. These functions come in very handy when you use this box to plug your amp directly into a recording device.

Rivera’s Silent Sister isolation cabinet puts volume control at the speaker level. This 1 x 12″ cab comes loaded with a premium Celestion G12T-75 speaker. Open the handy front hatch and you’ll find two prewired goosenecks mounted inside the cabinet. This means perfect mic placement and no mic bleed. Rivera’s engineers smartly engineered this iso cabinet to give you a surprisingly open, airy sound – no boxy, compressed tones here. You also get built-in casters, so transporting the Silent Sister is a breeze. As are all Rivera products, the Rock Crusher and the Silent Sister are made from top-notch components and built road tough. Now you can maximize your tone and keep your hearing intact! Call your Sales Engineer to find out more about these cool tools.

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