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Recording the output of MOTU’s new MachFive.

Q: “How do I record the audio output of MachFive?”

A: Some sequencers, such as Digital Performer 4 (and later) and Logic 6 (and later), have a “freeze” function that renders the output of MachFive as an audio file (it may be called something different in your software). If your sequencer doesn’t have this feature, you can bus the output of the MachFive track to another audio track, and record the audio output of MachFive onto that track in real-time. The following is a step-by-step procedure for Digital Performer 4, and Pro Tools 5 & 6:

  1. Create a new stereo audio track (not the one where MachFive is used) and name it “Record MachFive”
  2. Route the MachFive track to an unused bus (e.g. Bus 1-2)
  3. Select Bus 1-2 as the input pair for your “Record MachFive” track.
  4. Record-arm the “Record MachFive” tack, and start recording.

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