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Quick Ideas For Getting New and Interesting Sounds For Music Composition

Sweetwater Sound Sales Engineer Chad Miller (a.k.a. DJ Mad Chiller) has a couple of quick ideas for getting new and interesting sounds for music composition:

  1. Try using Opcode’s Fusion Vocode (see WFTDvocoder” above) to create new interesting synth sounds by Vocoding one synth sound with another. Fusion Vocode is a subset of their Fusion effects package available as plug-ins for Mac and PC audio programs. Another nice effect is to Vocode a synth sound with a drum loop to create interesting rhythmic synth patterns.

  2. Also try using the new Novation Super BassStation’s filter (see WFTD archive “filter“) input to process signals. The Super BassStation can filter, add distortion, chorus, LFO Modulation with MIDI sync, and stereo panning with MIDI sync. There have been a few products over the years that have allowed users access to their filters for external signals (remember the Wavestation AD rack?), but the Super BassStation offers a pretty comprehensive analog filter set at a very low price.

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